Feb. 15th, 2012

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I am totally in love with some of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria proposed paladin talents/spells. By which I mean, in addition to the expected joys (omg Sacred Shield or AWESOME HoT thing? Holy Prism or Stay of Execution thing? MoP era Pursuit of Justice was fixed to not be horrible?) I am surprisingly excited about that new Hand spell. It's like HoSac but it doesn't make me explode. (Although wtf is with this "Hand spells still have 30 yd range when heals have 40yd range" thing.)

Mostly omg Boundless Conviction is gonna rule.

edit: Also, I spent way too long today working on gearing up my druid for no good reason. (Well, for the okay reason of taking her to LFR sometimes, I guess.) And now I'm leveling a hunter? I clearly give no fucks about standard hunter things, as can be seen from my lack of rare-skin tames and my tendency to let my cat continue to be named "Cat" and my turtle to be named "Turtle", etc. (I did actually look up pets on petopia though, and I'll eventually want to tame a ravager and a dragonhawk or wind serpent, I guess?)


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