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Don't worry! It's just perfume!

Where the Lunar Festival let me down, Love Is In The Air delivers! The main questline from the Inspector beginning with Something Stinks gives over half a bar of XP, and you don't have to kill anyone. (The daily quest that opens up from him after completing the A Friendly Chat... does require kills, though. Sad times!) There is also one daily quest available per day that merely requires giving ten people (or NPCs) perfume or candy and gives over 600 XP every time I complete it.

Apart from time-sensitive dailies, I've been trying to resist leveling much on Dovie because I'd like to get her as close to full heirlooms as possible to maximize rep from quests. Right now she only has the Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (yay guild level 10!), and I'm working on getting her the traditional 1-80 heirlooms via the Argent Tournament (I need the JP to gear two specs right now unfortunately). But this is obviously going to take a while. I promise I'm not going to wait on getting the heirloom helm, though. It's going to be a very long time before my guild is level 20.

Also! I am thinking about building a sort of adventurer/explorer type looking RP set for Dovie. Required equip level doesn't matter (I'm very patient), but obviously everything has to be BoE. Any items you'd recommend? I'm especially looking for a hat.

And now, some silly pictures of my main hanging out with my priest friend after we finished up with the holiday boss yesterday. )

And I finally got Honor the Tol Barad sword, and I have played so much WoW the last few days I don't even want to go try it out.
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Okay, so ended up going for a Discipline spec for the priest. I was honestly considering going Holy, but I decided to get up to 20 as Discipline and then being open to re-evaluation, since I originally made a priest because I loved watching videos of Discipline priests PvPing. Anyway, here's Methodius. For RP purposes, I think I am going to make him Honor's brother, even though they look nothing alike. They clearly come from a very religious family.

Let me tell you guys, I am so excited for dungeons. This is like Paladin Leveling 2: Electric Boogaloo: This time, it's surprisingly less squishy! Bubble, Shadow Word: Pain, Wand wand wand wand wand wand wand. Repeat as needed until things die. Although it's a very different kind of painful than pre-Consecration Holy paladin leveling. That is more "continually cast Holy Light while occasionally judging and auto-attacking and watch things hurt themselves on my ret aura. This will take almost a minute per kill." Disc priest leveling is kind of fun because it's sort of an event when I actually take any damage at all.

Anyway, I went Enchanting/Tailoring for professions because he'll get a lot of mats for both leveling through dungeons. I actually need to go grind him up some linen and wool for bandages as well, since I haven't done any First Aid with him yet, and it's useful for mana conservation.

I know for gear, Disc priests want spellpower, and benefit less from Spirit than Holy priests, so Intellect is their main stat. Crit is nice too, yes?

What's my strategy aside from "Bubble everything!!!!!"? Should I pre-HoT the tank before pulls, or is bubbling my version of the pre-HoT? Do I bubble everyone, or just the tank and melee DPS? How much Sagefish and Milk am I going to go through? :)
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Short version: the gnomes can go stick it somewhere uncomfortable. Like the back of a volkswagen. ) Are there any gnome quests I am definitely forgetting? If I could cut down my runecloth turn-ins even a little I would feel so much less frustrated with this process.

On the plus side, I spent last night getting a troll shaman up to level 7, and I kind of like it. Unfortunately, I have NO IDEA if I'm going to level her as elemental, enhancement, or restoration because they all sound like SO MUCH FUN. And I'm going to have to look up some macros/work on keybindings/study up on the whole "totems" thing. (I'm also kind of amused because my Horde-side character list right now is like "belf holy pally, troll shaman, troll mage, and one day I will have a troll druid too! And maybe try a goblin warlock." I LIKE GREEN PEOPLE OKAY.) [edit: Also! I did the Tiragarde Keep quest today on said level 7 troll shaman, and THAT SHIT WAS HARD. But I pulled it off. Mostly because I really really lucked out in that the second time I got a Health Low warning, and my heal was on cooldown, it was exactly the same time Benedict and the Marine who'd been wailing on me decided to run away in fear. So I healed while they ran around and then realized I'd cleaned out the keep before I'd come in to get them. SO HARD. OH MY GOD I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT TRY THAT SHIT ON MY MAGE FIRST.]

Also, I am now friendly with the Timbermaw, heck yeah! Somehow, that rep grind (and Argent Dawn) depresses me less than gnome rep.

edit: [personal profile] haunted is amazing! I am missing a bunch of gnome quests from Stonetalon Mountains! [And there's about 750 Gnome rep from a BRD questline I can pick up if I go to Burning Steppes. And then, um. Do the quests.]
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Who's 999/1000 Exalted with Stormwind? OH THAT'S RIGHT, HONORATA IS. I also finished questing Loch Modan today, which means tomorrow: Wetlands!

Reputation! )

Also, SC and I ran two random dungeons (one wing of Mauradon and Sunken Temple) today after doing Zul'Farrak on purpose. My first satchel of helpful goods wasn't very helpful. (I don't need tanking gear, RDF!) But my second satchel had a pair of +24 strength plate boots in them and my face is pretty much stuck like this: *_____________* when I look at them.

I also got to pretend-tank the boss that sleeps the tank in Sunken Temple, except then the boss didn't sleep anybody, and I was kind of disappointed.
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Was putting off the quests I have in Swamp of Sorrows until SC could lead me there, since I was a bit worried about finding my way through Deadwind Pass, plus dealing with all the Horde guards in the Swamp, even if they're low level. So instead, I decided to turn on low-level quests and do everything I could find in Dun Morogh, to try to farm some rep. Got up to revered with the gnomes and the dwarves, and hit 500 quests, and then decided to soldier on and do Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil. I can't believe I'm probably going to reach exalted with the humans first. (And aside from a few quests in Swamp of Sorrows that I think have a draenei or Broken quest giver, so are probably relevant, I'm not really sure how to get my rep up with the Exodar aside from just hoping I get enough Alliance spillover.)

And then I butched up and rode my butt through Deadwind Pass and through the Swamp of Sorrows and picked up the flight point in Nethergarde Keep. But I still haven't done the last bit of fishing in the swamp for Nat Pagle Angler Extreme. (And I was going to whine about how all the fishing spots are right next to Horde camps, and it's so haaaard, but Nat himself is right by Theramore, so I guess the quest is pretty much equally frustrating from this perspective no matter your faction.) Also, I have ZERO FREAKING CLUE how you're supposed to complete the cooking quest in Tanaris. There are like three Rocs in the area and they've got like a 10% drop rate for the eggs. Should I give up and try to farm the giant eggs from the birds in the Hinterlands instead?
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Some of you understand how gear works better than I do, right? My ret pally (lvl 44!!!! now) has Bonebiter equipped. Lots of strength! Yay! Archaedas dropped the Rockpounder in Uldaman today, and since I was the only one who used two-handers in the group, I got it. Big loss of strength (and therefore attack power) there, but lots of crit and increased damage (as well as more procs because it's slower). Which do I use? (Wowhead item comparison says Rockpounder, but it seems to take gearscore/iLevel into consideration, and I'm not sure that's always a great plan.)

And I STILL haven't gotten a cloak with more strength than the iLevel 26 one I have on to drop. Can't find any on the AH either. This is starting to get kind of ridiculous. Actually, if, like, any strength plate would drop/show up as a quest reward sometime soon, I'd be really happy. Jeez Louise.

Anyway, Uldaman was my first time going into a dungeon since I started putting points into Judgements of the Wise. I don't think I went under 50% mana at any point in the dungeon, and I was consecrating pretty much whenever it was off cooldown. MADNESS.

edit: Also, the tooltip for my resurrection spell is still cracking me up.
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I just soloed my very first elite orange mob! (Anathemus) He dropped a nice plate chest piece that I'm trying to decide if I'm going to equip or sell, and some decent leather gloves that I am hopefully going to make some gold on. IT WAS REALLY HARD AND I HAD TO TRY TWICE BUT I DID IT. (It was mainly really hard because I did not make smart aura/seal/judgement decisions, in retrospect.*) A level 80 Hordie who was camping Jazzrik helped me out by keeping the adds (coyotes and cats) off me, too. A+++

* Used ret aura/seal of command/judgement of wisdom, which is my default questing set-up. Probably should have had on devotion aura, seal of light, and judgement of wisdom.
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WoW -- holy crap, 2 bubbles of XP away from 38 \o/ )

Death updates! Today I got killed by a room full of orange ogres because I trusted SC to only pull off what we could actually kill. I also got killed by a level 80 again. (Horde was on a mission to kill the king in SW. I bubbled and did my pathetic GoN and Lay on Hands on one of the 80s trying to stop them. Ran away before my bubble gave out, jumped in the canals, tried to swim to safety, was seen and one-shotted. NOOOOOOO.) I had a good laugh about that because then our dungeon queue popped and I was like "Hang on, SC. I'm currently dead."
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So basically, I'm having a problem with World of Warcraft, and my problem is this: by nature, I am a slow player. I can make one regular console-type video game last a year at least. This is largely because I am bad and also because I go through weeks where I just don't feel like playing, but it holds true in WoW as well. I basically want to do anywhere from 1-4 quests per day and then I'm done. I'm not one of those people who likes to do like 15 quests all at once and then go turn them all in at once. I can do about 1 or 2 instances before I need to get up from the computer and go look at things that aren't computer graphics for a while. Basically, I want to savor it. I don't want to rush myself through questing to level when what I find most comfortable is a very leisurely leveling process.

On the other hand, I really, really, really want to hit 60+ before Cataclysm comes out. I want to get full Old World exploration* before all the regions change. I want to possibly have a chance to find a group doing nostalgia runs through some of the old world raids (or farming them to get some of the old world legendary weapons) and get a chance to experience them, even if I'm just getting run through by higher level characters/better players/better geared players**.

If I play at the pace I would prefer to play at, reading all my quests in full, exploring the lore, taking my gameplay time some days to just ride around and get full exploration of zones 10+ levels below me, I will probably not ding 60 by Cata. (I've taken a little under two months to ding 35, and some of that was SC and I questing together. He is basically exactly the opposite of me when it comes to leveling. It took me about 3 weeks to ding 20. It takes him about 2 days.) And this makes me sad. Either I can rush through all the old content, or I can basically never get to experience some of the content that is going away with the expansion.

And we're not even including that I'd really like to be 75+ in time for the pre-Cata Operation: Gnomeregan patch, and I know this is never going to happen and really, I just picked a horrible time to start playing.

edit: Also, omg I really hope that the possible portal between the Exodar and Stormwind really happens in Cataclysm so that, like, the Exodar isn't all sad and abandoned. I went there today to turn in my silk cloth for rep (since I'd already done a silk turn-in with the Gnomes), and ran into literally one other player there. It was weird as hell. I don't care. The Exodar is the city where I know where all the stuff is, okay?

* Technically this is going to have to involve naked corpse running through Horde starting zones, since the guards leveled with the expansions, and I'm okay with that.

** Speaking of how ridiculous power level differences between the expansions have been, last night I watched a video of a Death Knight and a paladin two-manning*** C'Thun. WTF.

*** Speaking of two-manning. The other day, SC and I two-manned some of Gnomeregan, mainly to get me an engineering schematic, but also to see if the 2H Axe would drop on Thermaplugg. It didn't and I was sad. I swear, I have more blues in my theoretical "oh shit the tank DC'ed" set than I do in my actual gear my character wears set.
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My belf (ignore the stats, he still has rez sickness) went to his first instance (Deadmines) today! (With some friends of SC's and some randoms) and I got my first experiences with 1. healing aggro, and 2. realizing you can't heal stupid. And Vrindon is now no longer deathless. So sad. So sad. (We had a warlock who kept jumping up onto the inside of the boat and pulling the boss when we were still trying to clear out the trash mobs. And I died. A lot. Usually in about 5 seconds. Maybe. Mmmm. Clothadin.)

On the plus side, I really like healing? And also SC's friends? :D?
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I swear, I put so much more effort into seducing people on Echo Bazaar than I ever have in real life. Real life me would be so much more like, "What do you mean I'm going to have to get my Fascinating... up to 14 every time I want to move on in this relationship? Screw that, I'm gonna go study up on the Correspondence some more."

Also, I had my first fight over loot in a random dungeon. Well, technically SC had a fight with someone over loot on my behalf in a random dungeon. It was a little awkward. I am like the biggest pushover when it comes to loot. (SC basically kept yelling at me in party chat. "Are you an Engineer? THEN ROLL NEED ON ENGINEERING SCHEMATICS." So now I have two more schematics for pets! I love pet schematics because pets are one of the things I CAN ACTUALLY SELL ON THE AUCTION HOUSE.)
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I did my first random dungeon ever today in WoW! (Blackfathom Deeps) It was fun, but confusing and I had a really hard time targeting things? (I know I can just tab, but when there are like five dudes it's hard to remember to do so.) I felt sort of bad that I kept Hand of Freedoming myself instead of other people, but look, cooldowns, okay? Overall, it was kind of fun, and I basically dinged 27, did the instance, turned in two quests for the instance, and immediately dinged 28, which was kind of awesome. Also, as much as I hate swimming and naga, the instance was so different from the questing stuff I've been doing in Duskwood that I don't feel all cranky about fighting the undead all the time now either.

Of course, this was all with SC as tank and party leader. I'm not really looking forward to doing a complete random instance yet, but I'll probably force myself to do one sometime soon. And just pray I don't get Gnomeregan.

Also, holy crap, I just now realized that my toon is now high enough level that she can finally wear those bracers that have been living in the bank forever. (edit: Actually while the armor isn't as high for the ones I currently have equipped, the +stam is the same, and the ones I currently have equipped also have +2 agi. So I think I'm sticking with the ones I have on. MADNESS.)

Also also, I think when I ding 29 I'm going to try Warsong Gulch. And cry a lot at how high my number of deaths is becoming. (Although you don't take durability damage from dying in Battlegrounds, correct?)
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WoW jibber jabbber )

Then my internet was questionable, so I spent like an hour playing around with making a skill/stunt set for a Spirit of the Century character. I remain unclear on the rules for artifacts. "Like gadgets, but not!" is not an answer, rulebook. >:(
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At level 23 on an RP server, can an Alliance player do some of the neutral quests in Ratchet or is going into the Barrens to do them instant death? (I'm not sure how high-level and/or plentiful the Horde-affiliated NPCs are, basically.) Are there places in The Barrens that will necessarily flag me for PvP if I enter into them?
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So today at work, I discovered my coworker brought in a NEW AMISH ROMANCE NOVEL that I have NOT YET READ. It is called White Christmas Pie, and it is exactly as amazing as that title makes it sound! Feelings! )

My WoW failures )
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Oh ugggggh. Now I have to wait around and find another draenei player who wants to run the Clearing the Way/Ending their World quests, since the boss in Ending their World can only be attacked if you have the quest, and the quest is only available to draenei. WHY ARE YOU FORCING ME TO INTERACT SOCIALLY WITH PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW, WOW? WHY? (Because, look, I am not doing elite quests/elite mobs with a recommended group size of 2 BY MYSELF, kids. I am just not. See also: Razormaw, although I think I can con SC into doing that with me with his dwarf, since it's open to everybody and everything NEEDS MORE DRAGONS. Also, it is an UNDEAD elite dragon. Our characters are paladins. Fighting undead is what they do!)

So my point here is that if you know anyone who plays a level ~20 draenei on the Earthen Ring (US) server, HOOK ME UP.

(Also on the plus side, holy cow reasonably-priced ore in proper lot sizes sells quickly in the auction house. Clearly this is a Note For The Future, since I will need to sell SO MANY THINGS to fund engineering. Perhaps I shouldn't have given my very first character a profession that is a total gold sink.)

[okay, reading up on the quest at wowhead and it looks like it's possibly soloable if you're careful/lucky, so I'll try it that way a couple times first, unless I run into someone when I go to do it.]


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