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Spent a lot of time today back-reading my old baseball meta-type posts. I should, like, pay more attention to baseball again. I kind of miss it.

I also re-watched (or watched for the first time for a lot of the more recent ones) all the Strong Bad e-mails this weekend/week. Trevor the Vampire is still my favorite of all time. OF ALL TIME.

I've also decided that for my Holy pally, while I'm going to collect +INT items to use when healing, I'm going to pick up some mail here and there for use while solo questing, which I'm going to try to do through 20 if I can. I want to get to exalted with Tranquillien, dammit. (Which I believe happens if you do all your 10-20 questing in the Ghostlands if you do all the big boss kills.) I'm going to need to go farming for more copper ore so I can sell more on the Auction House so I can get his bag situation sorted out so he can carry around a whole other set of gear. (Or should I take all mail +str/+stam quest rewards and buy the +int Tranquillien rep armor? I'll have to look at stats on that stuff, I guess, and then start to ~plan.)

Heading to Indianapolis for GenCon tomorrow. If you're going to be there and want to, like, meet up at a particular place to talk about how great GURPS is or to get snacks or something, let me know! I am totally trying to pretend I have friends who are not SC's friends this week, and I am probably going to fail in this endeavor.
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I am having a weekend all to myself for the first time in a while, and I think I'll be spending it reading all the many, many tabs of [ profile] comicsbigbang stories I already have open. Mine is an eventful life.

Still haven't read this week's comics. I'm saving them for when I'll be stuck at the register during a thunderstorm later tonight.
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Spent the weekend with a Secret Canadian and some of his friends. Ate a lot of delicious food, and played a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen inspired game of Second Sight. It was supposed to be a one-shot (well, a two-shot played on the Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend) but S was really sick, so we will have to all meet again to continue our battle against Mad Scientists and their Plague Zombies. Hopefully this will force this game to be more than a one-shot. My character is fairly shit, but the world is pretty fun.

The three of them have also been ganging up on me to make me play World of Warcraft. I dicked around with it a bit on Secret Canadian's computer and am still having issues with the controls, but I will one day figure it out. I am fairly sure it wouldn't work very well on my computer, which would be an issue as well.

Still working my way through The Fionavar Tapestry. Skipped comics last week, so there will probably be many thoughts this Wednesday. Maybe.

In Echo Bazaar news, I have to level my Dangerous up like 13 levels before I can move on in my ambition. Also, I've got sentient rats in my lodgings. >:(
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I haven't been updating very much lately, which is mainly because I haven't been doing very much that is interesting. Most of the updates I would make would be things like:

1. Hey, so you know when you go to the Hall of Mirrors at the carnival in Echo Bazaar, and if you have Nightmares and enough tickets, there's that one mirror that's like "You could look into this mirror, but that would be unhinged"? That's a good way to wind up in A State of Some Confusion at a lower level of Nightmares than will get you there automatically.

On the plus side, I am now Nightmares free! For now. Given my tendency to click things to see what happens, I'm sure I'll get more in the future. [edit: And right after posting this, I clicked on something that gave me Nightmares again. One day I will learn that I cannot have all the secret knowledge.]

2. So I am dating a Secret Canadian*. Me dating someone is really weird because, you know, I'm me?

Driving out to see him has also resulted in the magic of getting lost in Ft. Wayne more ways than I knew how. I think whenever I leave his apartment he immediately brings up Google Maps and waits for my "I did something stupid again" phone call.

* Contains only 25% actual Canadian.

3. I can't decide whether to go to get comics tomorrow or not. I will see how much time I have to spend getting my bicycle, I guess. Right now I am not planning to go to Free Comic Book Day, but I guess we'll see.

4. It is taking me a really long time to finish reading The Fionavar Tapestry, even though I'm enjoying it. It's not like The Summer Tree was an especially long book, and yet it took me about a week to finish.

I am tempted to keep track of the number of times I have cried reading these books. The end result will surely be embarrassing.

On the other hand, I like how that one kid's spirit animal is a unicorn. That was good times.


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