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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2012-04-05 05:29 pm
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Homestuck re-read; everything involving Equius is still pretty disturbing!

Things that are like 10x funnier and 1000x more disturbing on re-read: this conversation between Equius and Gamzee.

I wish there were a way to :D: that made clear you were D:-ing more than you were :D-ing.

Edit: Actually, not everything involving Equius is disturbing. His moirallegiance with Nepeta is actually still pretty sweet. (Sweeter, once I realized on re-read that his residence overlooks Vriska's, which makes him "forbidding" Nepeta from FLARPing a lot less unreasonable and a lot sweeter in retrospect.)

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