Aug. 16th, 2012 03:05 am
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1. Tumblr ate me. My remains can be found here. I am bad about remembering to crosspost to Dreamwidth... ever.

2. I got a new job. I do page layouts at a newspaper and various & sundry multimedia things for them. I've been there like a week and it's great so far. I AM LEARNING LOTS OF THINGS.

3. Teen Wolf ate me for a couple weeks and is in the process of spitting me out, but I am going to try to give the prompts at the anything but Sterek ficathon a look. (Things I want to read and/or write in Teen Wolf fandom: Scott/Stiles, Scott/Allison/Stiles, Jackson & Scott being hatemarried, any combination of Erica/Isaac/Boyd, and Lydia & Jackson ONLY WHEN THEY ARE IN THE CORRECT QUADRANT. They are never in the right quadrant. :( edit: and Isaac having a big crush on Scott. Really I would read scott/p much everyone. it's just a really accurate reading of the show ok. And Danny and Jackson friendship fic, and Lydia and Stiles friendship fic. And Danny and Lydia being badasses and saving the day. OR SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW. I WOULD ACTUALLY SAY ABOUT HALF THE THINGS I WANT IN THIS FANDOM ARE GEN?????)

4. In re: #1... I think I forgot how to dreamwidth/livejournal. IT JUST FEELS SO STRANGE.

edit: 5. I quit raiding in WoW! Mostly due to time constraints with new job, but also because I was getting sort of tired of it. IT IS REALLY FREEING.

Fic Rec

May. 30th, 2012 07:42 pm
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the hip and the dead by holli
(The Avengers, Steve Rogers, gen)

I entirely blame this fic for my current interest in Steve Rogers: accidental hipster. Also it is simultaneously hilarious and full of punching me in the feelings, so. You know. It's good. Go read it.

I need to start posting in my journal again sometimes, I think. Dang.


May. 15th, 2012 07:24 pm
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I Fall Forward, You Fall Flat by roachpatrol is basically just so amazing I have already read it about three times. No-SGRUB AU; Sollux♠Karkat, Karkat♦Gamzee, Sollux♦Aradia I think there's probably something wrong with me that I think Sollux and Karkat's weird awkward teenage mutant hateflirting in this is super romantic, but it completely is. Also this Karkat is, true story, a total babe.

Tumblr has basically ruined what remained of my ability to be coherent. Sorry.
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I seem to have picked exactly the right time to have moved all my Homestuck shit to Tumblr.

That is all.
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So, okay, I am going to try -- try -- to do the Tumblr thing, I guess. Given that I am basically awful at keeping up with Dreamwidth/LiveJournal, this will probably be a terrible plan that will quickly fizzle out, especially since I am basically a giant lurker. But, I will be here. Let me know who you are on tumblr, or, I suppose, recommend my tumblrs to follow. (Especially Homestuck-y type ones, I suppose?)

Speaking of Homestuck: Today I learned that I give no fucks about codpieces. (Because I honestly didn't notice the codpiece until it was pointed out to me!)
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So, I'm mostly questing in Hillsbrad on my new Horde warlock because 1. it is full of creepy undead being creepy, and that seems thematically appropriate, and 2. because I have basically no interest in questing in Ashenvale Hordeside. Or, you know, questing there again at all. Ever.

But I forgot how silly/amazing some of the quests there are, in addition to all the creepy. (SO MUCH CREEPY.) By which I mean "This looks like Muckgill's flipper or something. Maybe there's somebody that cares that you killed this murloc back at the Azurelode Mine camp. Probably not, but it's worth a shot." (Everyone always talks about Welcome to the Machine when they talk about the silly parts of questing in Hillsbrad, but tbh, it's kind of less funny once you do the rest of the zone and run into those characters again [Orkus ;_;]. Muckgill's Flipper Or Something, however, I have no such qualms about.)
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I got to deal damage on two raid fights tonight because we had to use healers to fill in for some missing DPS and there being extra melee was not actually a problem on some of the fights. So I got to beat up Yorsahj and Ultraxion with my sword on heroic tonight. It was... fun? Although my DPS was not really as good as it probably should be given my gear. But I also didn't do anything terribly stupid or wipe the raid and my death on the not-a-wipe was not my fault. So. Yay!
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So I made a blood elf warlock named Lalonde because it was a thing I needed in my life.

I just learned to summon a voidwalker. His randomly generated name from WoW's random demon name generator is Grimdok.

This is the most amazing thing that has happened in at least 24 hours.
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Noblegarden, you are the actual worst holiday.
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Things that are like 10x funnier and 1000x more disturbing on re-read: this conversation between Equius and Gamzee.

I wish there were a way to :D: that made clear you were D:-ing more than you were :D-ing.

Edit: Actually, not everything involving Equius is disturbing. His moirallegiance with Nepeta is actually still pretty sweet. (Sweeter, once I realized on re-read that his residence overlooks Vriska's, which makes him "forbidding" Nepeta from FLARPing a lot less unreasonable and a lot sweeter in retrospect.)
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So I'm to the beginning of Act 5/Hivebent, since I'm trying to take thing slow and actually pay attention to shit this time, rather than just blustering through. (That means re-watching the flashes like seven times a piece until I'm sure I understand what happened in almost every scene.)

Here are my thoughts:

1. So basically everything involving Sollux and Aradia is sad and tragic anyway, but the early conversations between them is so much moreso with the knowledge of what actually happened in the past/with all the FLARPing shenanigans.

2. Karkat is like a billion times more adorable adorabloodthirsty amazing right from the beginning than I remembered. SO MUCH MORE AMAZING.

3. ♥Terezi♥

4. This is actually more in response to more recent events than what I'm re-reading right now, but I will never be able to completely 100% loathe Vriska (or, I mean, 100% wish she wasn't in the story at all rather than enjoying disliking her) if only because I basically love that her whole messed up relationship with Terezi exists. Not that, like, it was good/healthy, but that it's just so complex and toxic and friendships going sour writ large, and... I don't know. It's hard to explain. I just like that that it happened and it's a big part of their characterization, and it's still a big deal in the story even now. And not really in a "lol blackrom" way. Just in that messy "we used to be friends, but not really because you're kind of a sociopath" type way? :\

5. Eridan and his nice guy bullshit can still go fuck itself though. Seriously.

6. I think I need more Homestuck icons.
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[personal profile] vass linked to this series of posts by [personal profile] arduinna about 1990s mailing list fandom.

And man, I mean, I was basically very at the tail end of that. (I "got into" fandom around 1998-9) and I haaated mailing list fandom even when it was going on, because I've always been a weirdo who basically wants to read/write shit no one else cares about, but it kind of made me miss RS-X/Fiction Records anyway? (I do not, however, miss the Mercedes Lackey mailing lists. At all.)

I don't know, I always felt a little uncomfortable when I tried to do the mailing list thing outside of those two -- I guess because when you posted you posted to everybody, which is maybe why I was such an early adopter on the "moving my shit to LiveJournal" bandwagon. Although I guess I do kind of wish I'd found a show I liked so much I wanted to be on a discussion list, since those do sound like they were pretty fun. And I actually kind of miss getting into new fandoms via people writing RPS about stuff I knew nothing about on RS-X. (Although tbh I never really got, and still don't really get, actor fic.)

At the same time, I don't know, the etiquette was always sort of weird to me, which is odd, because I spent a lot of time on non-fannish gaming mailing lists in the mid-90s. (The classic "run by some guy at a university" type discussed in arduinna's post.) And, I don't know, in a certain way, my experiences with mailing lists were of feeling slightly... stifled. I always prefered posting to my own site, directly to archives, or even interaction on message boards instead. (I mostly missed newsgroups, although I did enjoy them.) Then again, I actually am still on two semi-active fannish mailing lists, purely as a lurker, so I don't know.

I am kind of nostalgic for plaintext stories with their length described in filesize not word count though. ~my heritagggee~
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So I went to Youtube to relisten to the 4/3 speed version of Time on my side (which actually is like 25% more badass than the orginal version, even though the original version is, among other things, the background music to [S] Prince of Heart: Rise Up), and when I opened the Youtube page, I actually looked at my subscriptions, and instead, I wound up watching the latest EverymanHybrid video and then going to the wiki to figure out what the fuck was going on and holy shit Evan/DamselSteph is a thing that actually happened? What? (Although tbh as far as I can tell I am... kind of uncomfortable with how it's happening? But whatever those kids were perfect for each other.) And they crossed over with TribeTwelve? (Ok, true story, but the guy who plays Noah from TT basically seems like the most hilariously dedicated to the story of all these guys. Apparently the crossover sprung from accidentally appearing in one of the EMH fans' 7 Trials of Habit videos and he was like "Sure, why not, lets say that was my character and cross this shit over.")

Anyway, so yeah, basically 1. I need to go catch up on the last year of EMH and TT and MH(2). And 2. I cannot believe I have spent a year not following EMH and we still have no idea what the fuck is going on. Like, there is still no solid confirmation either way on what, exactly, is the connection between the 1980s-Fairmount versions of the characters and the modern versions aside from vague insinuations they are all stuck in urban legend hell.

The problem with catching up with all this is I'm going to feel compelled to download all the new stuff into my Giant Folder Of Slender Man Shit on my computer and I am just not sure I want to make the time commitment for that. (Originally it was because I intended to make some sort of fan video thing using the footage, and then I remembered vidding is ~beyond my delicate brains~ but still felt the need to obsessively compile all of it.)

I hit the first recap entry in my Homestuck re-read, which seemed like a good place to take a break. (And then skipped ahead to some of the Dave/Terezi good bits, some of which I'd completely forgotten about? IDK. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.)

I kind of want there to be Jade/Davesprite (or I guess Jadesprite/Davesprite, but somewhat less so, since right now I am mostly interested in something that would be set after Jade and Jadesprite merge.) fic in my world. I am not really sure why; it's just a thing. That I want.


Edit And since apparently I still have this open in a tab weeks later and it's suddenly relevant, [personal profile] some_stars linked me this slenderman picture that is basically the most amazing thing ever. (like, honest to god i keep accidentally tabbing to it and laughing my ass off because it is wonderful.)
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Tonight more Heroic: Zon'ozz-- now with more "Creative usage of game mechanics!"

By which I mean "lol bouncing the ball off 9/10 of the raid every time" makes this fight so much less horrible. So does the 15% nerf, but mostly the cheating on ball mechanics.

edit: And dead after less than an hour. 5/8 hard mode! This is the strat we used and it is amazing.
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The Midnight Crew intermission is a lot more enjoyable on a re-read, since now 1. I get how it is in any way relevant to the story at hand, and 2. I'm not rushing through to get back to the parts with the kids.
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i think my favorite thing about homestuck fic is looking it up on ao3 and basically every story has a pairing list at least three lines long. because that's how this source material rolls, guys.

i totally made a post earlier (and then deleted it because it was boring) full of RAGE and CUSSING at people in LFr who can't stack for AoE heals or kill slimes on yor'sahj. but the more important thing is I was in an LFR today that had to deal with a red/yellow/green phase because killing slimes is apparently hard? AND WE LIVED. IT WAS MAGICAL, if rage-inducing.
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i think i've reached the point where i don't really care if the terezi/dave fic i'm reading is good any more.
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Yay I got my chattering healing mace! It is the best mace. (Okay, heroic version is the actual best mace, but whatevs.) I am so excited.

Things I am not excited about: assholes on my raid team transferring off the server without telling anybody ahead of time. Fuck you too, buddy.

By which I mean, Bacon Bandits (Earthen Ring US Alliance) are recruiting a DPS. We're not terribly picky about what type at this point as long as your numbers are in the right range for heroic Dragon Soul kills. We do not currently have a Death Knight or a Rogue. We're currently 4/8H in Dragon Soul (Morchok, Yorsahj, Ultraxion, Hagara) and starting work on Zonozz this week. We are cool and casual as fuck. Please come hit things in the face for me.

Other things I am not excited about: oh sweet baby jesus we have to go to firelands for another staff. D: 3 staves is awesome, grinding firelands for the rest of my life is not.


Re-reading Homestuck from the start apparently. So many one-off gags in this thing that turned into not just running gags but actual plot points started so much earlier than I remembered.
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LOL @ all the dudes in the comments who are sad she isn't sexy enough. Female Pandaren model is actually pretty adorable. The cheeks/face are a bit much, and tbh, she could be a little fatter, but overall I'm actually pleasantly surprised.

(I swear to god if this gets changed in beta to make her ~sexier~...)
guys i still really love homestuck.


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