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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2012-04-13 03:36 am

Look at the stuff in here! Why are the Forsaken so *evil*?

So, I'm mostly questing in Hillsbrad on my new Horde warlock because 1. it is full of creepy undead being creepy, and that seems thematically appropriate, and 2. because I have basically no interest in questing in Ashenvale Hordeside. Or, you know, questing there again at all. Ever.

But I forgot how silly/amazing some of the quests there are, in addition to all the creepy. (SO MUCH CREEPY.) By which I mean "This looks like Muckgill's flipper or something. Maybe there's somebody that cares that you killed this murloc back at the Azurelode Mine camp. Probably not, but it's worth a shot." (Everyone always talks about Welcome to the Machine when they talk about the silly parts of questing in Hillsbrad, but tbh, it's kind of less funny once you do the rest of the zone and run into those characters again [Orkus ;_;]. Muckgill's Flipper Or Something, however, I have no such qualms about.)

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