ang: (hs» terezi)
hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2012-04-16 05:23 pm
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note to self, get more homestuck icons. the ones you have are insufficient

So, okay, I am going to try -- try -- to do the Tumblr thing, I guess. Given that I am basically awful at keeping up with Dreamwidth/LiveJournal, this will probably be a terrible plan that will quickly fizzle out, especially since I am basically a giant lurker. But, I will be here. Let me know who you are on tumblr, or, I suppose, recommend my tumblrs to follow. (Especially Homestuck-y type ones, I suppose?)

Speaking of Homestuck: Today I learned that I give no fucks about codpieces. (Because I honestly didn't notice the codpiece until it was pointed out to me!)

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