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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2012-08-16 03:05 am


1. Tumblr ate me. My remains can be found here. I am bad about remembering to crosspost to Dreamwidth... ever.

2. I got a new job. I do page layouts at a newspaper and various & sundry multimedia things for them. I've been there like a week and it's great so far. I AM LEARNING LOTS OF THINGS.

3. Teen Wolf ate me for a couple weeks and is in the process of spitting me out, but I am going to try to give the prompts at the anything but Sterek ficathon a look. (Things I want to read and/or write in Teen Wolf fandom: Scott/Stiles, Scott/Allison/Stiles, Jackson & Scott being hatemarried, any combination of Erica/Isaac/Boyd, and Lydia & Jackson ONLY WHEN THEY ARE IN THE CORRECT QUADRANT. They are never in the right quadrant. :( edit: and Isaac having a big crush on Scott. Really I would read scott/p much everyone. it's just a really accurate reading of the show ok. And Danny and Jackson friendship fic, and Lydia and Stiles friendship fic. And Danny and Lydia being badasses and saving the day. OR SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW. I WOULD ACTUALLY SAY ABOUT HALF THE THINGS I WANT IN THIS FANDOM ARE GEN?????)

4. In re: #1... I think I forgot how to dreamwidth/livejournal. IT JUST FEELS SO STRANGE.

edit: 5. I quit raiding in WoW! Mostly due to time constraints with new job, but also because I was getting sort of tired of it. IT IS REALLY FREEING.

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