ang: (basterds┬╗ reindeer games)
hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2011-03-02 04:05 pm
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What is this I don't even

That's right: Reins of the Raven Lord the first time I bothered running Heroic Sethekk Halls. I mean, I know statistically it has to happen to someone, but WHAT.

I guess this makes up for things like that I keep getting stuff I want (TWO Lovely Black Dresses, the Jeweled Fishing Pole) on my non-killing rogue instead of, like, a character that's not basically a joke? Or something.

So... guess when I farm Lower City rep it'll be in Shadow Labs after all. (Which actually works out perfectly for me, since there are a ton of Aldor turn-in drops there too.)

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