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Noblegarden, you are the actual worst holiday.
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i think my favorite thing about homestuck fic is looking it up on ao3 and basically every story has a pairing list at least three lines long. because that's how this source material rolls, guys.

i totally made a post earlier (and then deleted it because it was boring) full of RAGE and CUSSING at people in LFr who can't stack for AoE heals or kill slimes on yor'sahj. but the more important thing is I was in an LFR today that had to deal with a red/yellow/green phase because killing slimes is apparently hard? AND WE LIVED. IT WAS MAGICAL, if rage-inducing.
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Yay I got my chattering healing mace! It is the best mace. (Okay, heroic version is the actual best mace, but whatevs.) I am so excited.

Things I am not excited about: assholes on my raid team transferring off the server without telling anybody ahead of time. Fuck you too, buddy.

By which I mean, Bacon Bandits (Earthen Ring US Alliance) are recruiting a DPS. We're not terribly picky about what type at this point as long as your numbers are in the right range for heroic Dragon Soul kills. We do not currently have a Death Knight or a Rogue. We're currently 4/8H in Dragon Soul (Morchok, Yorsahj, Ultraxion, Hagara) and starting work on Zonozz this week. We are cool and casual as fuck. Please come hit things in the face for me.

Other things I am not excited about: oh sweet baby jesus we have to go to firelands for another staff. D: 3 staves is awesome, grinding firelands for the rest of my life is not.


Re-reading Homestuck from the start apparently. So many one-off gags in this thing that turned into not just running gags but actual plot points started so much earlier than I remembered.
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What am I doing right now? Attending a Transmogrification Fashion Show in Stormwind Harbor guest-judged by Noelani of WoW Roleplay Gear. (Guild leader made it into the top 25 finalists for his classic druid outfit.)

Look at all these people! )

It's inspiring me to want to work on my mage's transmog set I started on but didn't finish. And, of course, finding the pants ("pants") for my second-pally's plate bikini set. (edit: Messed with what I had lying around in my mage's bank and what I could make on my tailor, and came up with this, which I'm mostly happy with. I may want to mess around with gloves/shirt still though.)
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Heroic Hagara lightning phase is the worst OF ALL TIME. ALL TIME.
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Yor'sahj the Unsleeping -- DEAD ON HARD MODE! It took us most of the night to work out the kinks, and our disc priest and I are still a bit susceptible to RNG and run into trouble if we get the two red/yellow/black phases right in a row, but WE DID IT! [Protip: We conveniently have a bear tank who is both a leatherworker and an alchemist, so we got him all fitted out in stupid amounts of shadow resist which made keeping him alive much much easier than basically any other tank we could possibly use for the fight. So then it became just a matter of keeping the raid alive.]

Also solo healing the Kohcrom side on Heroic: Morchok is much easier with the 5% nerf. So that's nice!

I think our progression order for the next... however long is Hagara the Stormbinder > Ultraxion > Warlord Zon'ozz. (AFAICT if you can't do enough "Stand there and hit it" DPS to beat the enrage on Ultraxion, tentacles won't die fast enough on Zon'ozz which will make it unhealable anyway.)

WHICH BTW!!!! Our pet Australian GOT A REAL ACTUAL 9-5 JOB, so he can't raid with us anymore. So if you happen to be a melee DPS (preferably rogue or warrior) or a balance druid (since then we can move our boomkin to his rogue) on Earthen Ring-US Alliance side, and have mostly a buncha 384+valor gear, and want to come hang with us Tues/Thurs and sometimes Mon 8-11pm EST, let me know! I'll see if I can get you a trial. You do not have to leave your current guild to raid with us, although we will be happy to bring you in to the social guild many of us belong to if your toon needs a home. We provide feasts and cauldrons at all our raids.
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Finally got the game working. Here's the characters I have if you want to get in touch with me in-game. (I've only played one of them, note, and won't get around to the toon on Sword of Ajunta Pall for a bit.)

Lord Adraas (US-EST RPPvE)
Honorata (human Republic Trooper)
Keanos (Miraluka Jedi Consular)

Sword of Ajunta Pall (US-EST PvP)
Cori (cyborg Imperial Agent)

Leveling in this game is going to be pretty slow for me first of all because I am bad at conversation options because what if I say the wrong thing, and second of all because exploring, and third of all because so far my course of action has been "flail around and hit Explosive Round as often as I have the ammo to support it."
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Bacon Bandits have killed normal mode Ragnaros!!!!! OMG THAT BASTARD IS FINALLY DEAD.

Next week we're starting in on hardmode Shannox. After that, not sure who we're working on.

Ps. Beth, drop your damn healy shield already. >:( Your girl Alys gave me this yummy trinket tonight. WHY CAN'T YOU HELP ME OUT, GURRRRRL.
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(We are making some progress though. On Thursday we went from continually wiping in phase 1 to continually wiping in the first transition. After tonight, we're regularly making it past the first transition and are continually wiping on the second molten seeds in phase 2. So. I guess that's something? Progression is hard, you guys.

Afterward, my guild leader and I had a little pity party about his DPS and my heals and then we were like "We will feel better after we go kill something!" So he hopped on his rogue and I switched to ret spec, and we put on our PVP gear and got a 5-man premade going and ran a bunch of random battlegrounds. And then we felt much better!)
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Hilarious WoW story: a large part of my guild is part of a raid group that is not actually my guild's raid group, but is largely made up of people from my guild. If that makes sense. Progression is not particularly high on my server. I think tops is a Horde guild that's 8/13, but disbanded recently. This group my guildies are in is 6/13? I think? They might be 7/13 now, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, last night, the usual ret pally had to log mid-raid, so I get this whisper from my guild leader all "Hey, Honor. Wanna come poke at BWD with us? We're just doing our usual farm content. I have a flask for yooooou."

So, uh, yay for getting carried through heroic raid content? (We did Omnotron Defense System on normal, and then Heroic Chimaeron and Maloriak. Heroic Maloriak was probably the fight I found hardest personally, but that's because that's when they decided they trusted me enough to give me an interrupt assignment and internally I was all "Waaaah, I can't just hit boss?" Because I'm lazy.)

And, as always whenever they bring me along to stuff, half the loot that drops is relevant to my interest, and they're all like "This is not an upgrade for any of us, please take!" So now I have two 372s or something?

Okay, okay, my DPS was pathetic (but above tank damage! :D? :D?), but I only died once, like 3 seconds before we killed Chimaeron. So I'm going to call it largely a win, and say that I did not completely embarrass myself.
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So, I got some friends together to help me learn to tank, and we 4-manned the beginning of the Naxx construct wing and I AoE tanked two roomfuls of abominations, and then we killed Patchwerk for the lulz and it was good times. And then we got a fifth, and ran normal Throne of Tides, and I have a lot to learn, mainly about pulling and kiting, which I knew, but holy craaaaap. I am having so much fun.

I mean RET4LYFE, but I am for prot pallies.
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1. ... Also, he is quite handsome.

2. Why is at-bat music so funny to me? But, I mean, seriously. this list is hilarious, amiriteoramirite?

3. I don't even know what to make of this.

4. Beyond the part where Cleveland won the game, I am both psyched and terrified by today's outing by Alex White. On the one hand, yay Quality Start for his MLB debut. On the other hand, really? really? You'll let him throw 110+ pitches on his major league debut? Hm.

Non-baseball news: I made like 1000g tonight because gems were practically flying off the auction house almost as fast as I could list them. MADNESS. Today/tomorrow/this week is going to be pretty big for making gold off stuff I normally wouldn't thanks to Children's Week. This is going to be great for funding my attempt to start some toons hordeside on Wyrmrest Accord.
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Finally enchanted my tank weapon. Windwalk is still just way too expensive, so I went with Mending. People were not kidding Mending proccing off basically every Avenger's Shield. MADNESS. In my tank spec, I'm also getting really close to the magical 12%/12%/40% defense. (11.4% dodge, 13.8% parry, 44% block! SO CLOSE. I might switch out to my Dodge hat, which has a less awesome socket bonus, but would push me over the dodge hump.)

I might be tanking some of the low level Cata normals to get used to pulls and stuff. Working on rounding up patient people who will be willing to put up with my slow-ass pulls.

Heroics group leader is talking about us going in to BWD and doing some attempts in May. The first three fights in there seem not horrible, so hopefully we'll down at least Magmaw.
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So I decided to level a real rogue, partially for maybe someday doing Insane in the Membrane, but also just 'cause. And I finally managed to force myself to level a rogue to the point where, you know, you pick a spec.

OMG. Level 10 is amaaazing! You learn to use poisons and you learn sap and you get to spec Combat which of course is my rogue spec of choice because omg YOU ACTUALLY GENERATE ENERGY FAST ENOUGH TO DO STUFF. Subtlety and Assassination are all about set up and being an ~assassin~ and Combat is like, LETS HAVE A BARROOM BRAWL YEEEEAH BOYYYYY. Anyway, I went from ending fights at <40% health every time to ending fights at like >75% health most of the time. MAGIC.

OMG look at her little faaace. (Ignore that I have two daggers equipped. People are all "Oh, level as combat because you won't have to scrounge around for daggers all the time" without telling you that ALL THE QUEST REWARDS ARE DAGGERS. FFFF. I should have the heirloom mace in a few days and then all will be well!)
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So I decided to actually start toodling around with Honor's prot spec, and actually logged out in it and now I'm prot on the armory waaaat. (Yeah, my prot gear is still half DPS gear. Shhh.)

What I have learned is:

1. Holy shit, people were not kidding about it actually being super efficient to kill three things at once when out questing as prot.

2. Holy shit, I can kill three things at once and not have to blow any defensive cooldowns apart from, like, maybe Divine Protection. Waaaaat.

3. Shut up. RET4LYFE. Really. Even though I've been talking about off-tanking if we do another 6-man BoT trash run. (It's good experience for me and our ele shaman who's learning to resto.)
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So I'm going back to work tomorrow! Scary scary stuff! But yay for being mostly healed! \o/

What's been interesting me in WoW lately is making gold. I am not very good at it yet because I only have two max level professions (JC and Mining), but I'm learning! Here are things I have learned: )

Which has amounted to me making 7000g in like 5 days, which is pretty good for not knowing what I'm doing.

Also, my heroics-someday-we-will-do-raids group is getting a for real new DK tank, so it's not quite so imperative that I learn prot, but I told my RL that I'll still work on getting gear for my prot spec in case I need to sub in on a fight or something. So, yay! I'm working on getting the 1H weapon from Baradin's Wardens, and am slooowly gathering mats for the craftable tanking shield, and once I get my JP hat, I'll have all the JP items I need for my ret spec, and can start using my JP for tanking gear! Yay!

ALSO ALSO. If you are an Alliance rep grinder: the Wintersaber will be changed to have its acquisition be more like the Ravasaur daily quest series in 4.1, which means that the Wintersaber Trainers rep will be going away. If you were ever going to do it: do it now.

Note to self: dungeons I need to be running, rep priority )
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That's right: Reins of the Raven Lord the first time I bothered running Heroic Sethekk Halls. I mean, I know statistically it has to happen to someone, but WHAT.

I guess this makes up for things like that I keep getting stuff I want (TWO Lovely Black Dresses, the Jeweled Fishing Pole) on my non-killing rogue instead of, like, a character that's not basically a joke? Or something.

So... guess when I farm Lower City rep it'll be in Shadow Labs after all. (Which actually works out perfectly for me, since there are a ton of Aldor turn-in drops there too.)


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