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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2011-04-11 09:27 pm
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I can has shield???

So I decided to actually start toodling around with Honor's prot spec, and actually logged out in it and now I'm prot on the armory waaaat. (Yeah, my prot gear is still half DPS gear. Shhh.)

What I have learned is:

1. Holy shit, people were not kidding about it actually being super efficient to kill three things at once when out questing as prot.

2. Holy shit, I can kill three things at once and not have to blow any defensive cooldowns apart from, like, maybe Divine Protection. Waaaaat.

3. Shut up. RET4LYFE. Really. Even though I've been talking about off-tanking if we do another 6-man BoT trash run. (It's good experience for me and our ele shaman who's learning to resto.)

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