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woot second 85!. she's been sitting at 84 for like two-three weeks, so. you know. it was time.

also, omg baseballs. the indians must be so freaking irritating to play against this season. i mean really.

edit: also, also, i need to talk about how much i love playing a shadow priest. not because the mechanics are omg so fun, although that too, but because it is basically like, the class where everything sounds awesome. okay, so first of all, what you do is affectionately referred to in the community as "melting faces." (and for good reason.) and then there is the whole thing where you are basically an asshole telepath/anti-healer, and i am so so down with that. and then there is the thing where all your abilities and talents are called really ridiculous things that make me feel like i'm 15 and wearing all black and listening to the cure a lot. things like ~shadow word: death~ and ~vampiric embrace~ and ~shadowfiend~ and ~masochism~ and ~pain and suffering~ and (i am not making this up) ~dark archangel~. and then there's the whole thing where everybody looks cooler in shadowform.