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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2011-05-24 02:07 am

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So I probably spent about four hours healing lowbie dungeons on my druid tonight. Met a lot of awesome people, and one GIANT DICKBAG TANK. Only lost one DPS. Survived a whole lot of chainpulling. Successfully healed through the tank lighting all four torches at once in BFD like a dick. Successfully healed without getting to stop for mana EVER in SM: Graveyard. (The SM Graveyard guy was the actual dickbag. Apparently the DPS was shit and horrible because he out DPSed them. Lol noob to low level tanking. And then the mage and I talked about our grown-up prot pallies and how awesome they are while we requeued with the hunter.)

Thinking of making an OOM macro. and not running after tanks who run off without me when I'm drinking. Or who pull the boss without letting me mana up first. I don't think tanks realize how long you have to drink as a healer to even remotely make a dent in your mana pool. (My mana pool: 2269, the best drinks I can get right now: 1344 mana over 30 sec. I don't get a better drink for another SIX LEVELS.)