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Let's do hard mode the first time she's seen the fight, guys! That'll be awesome!

Hilarious WoW story: a large part of my guild is part of a raid group that is not actually my guild's raid group, but is largely made up of people from my guild. If that makes sense. Progression is not particularly high on my server. I think tops is a Horde guild that's 8/13, but disbanded recently. This group my guildies are in is 6/13? I think? They might be 7/13 now, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, last night, the usual ret pally had to log mid-raid, so I get this whisper from my guild leader all "Hey, Honor. Wanna come poke at BWD with us? We're just doing our usual farm content. I have a flask for yooooou."

So, uh, yay for getting carried through heroic raid content? (We did Omnotron Defense System on normal, and then Heroic Chimaeron and Maloriak. Heroic Maloriak was probably the fight I found hardest personally, but that's because that's when they decided they trusted me enough to give me an interrupt assignment and internally I was all "Waaaah, I can't just hit boss?" Because I'm lazy.)

And, as always whenever they bring me along to stuff, half the loot that drops is relevant to my interest, and they're all like "This is not an upgrade for any of us, please take!" So now I have two 372s or something?

Okay, okay, my DPS was pathetic (but above tank damage! :D? :D?), but I only died once, like 3 seconds before we killed Chimaeron. So I'm going to call it largely a win, and say that I did not completely embarrass myself.

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