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WoW Blather: 2/8H Dragon Soul aw yeah.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping -- DEAD ON HARD MODE! It took us most of the night to work out the kinks, and our disc priest and I are still a bit susceptible to RNG and run into trouble if we get the two red/yellow/black phases right in a row, but WE DID IT! [Protip: We conveniently have a bear tank who is both a leatherworker and an alchemist, so we got him all fitted out in stupid amounts of shadow resist which made keeping him alive much much easier than basically any other tank we could possibly use for the fight. So then it became just a matter of keeping the raid alive.]

Also solo healing the Kohcrom side on Heroic: Morchok is much easier with the 5% nerf. So that's nice!

I think our progression order for the next... however long is Hagara the Stormbinder > Ultraxion > Warlord Zon'ozz. (AFAICT if you can't do enough "Stand there and hit it" DPS to beat the enrage on Ultraxion, tentacles won't die fast enough on Zon'ozz which will make it unhealable anyway.)

WHICH BTW!!!! Our pet Australian GOT A REAL ACTUAL 9-5 JOB, so he can't raid with us anymore. So if you happen to be a melee DPS (preferably rogue or warrior) or a balance druid (since then we can move our boomkin to his rogue) on Earthen Ring-US Alliance side, and have mostly a buncha 384+valor gear, and want to come hang with us Tues/Thurs and sometimes Mon 8-11pm EST, let me know! I'll see if I can get you a trial. You do not have to leave your current guild to raid with us, although we will be happy to bring you in to the social guild many of us belong to if your toon needs a home. We provide feasts and cauldrons at all our raids.

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