ang: (hs» terezi)
hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2012-03-20 12:37 am

wtb warhammer of zillyhoo

Yay I got my chattering healing mace! It is the best mace. (Okay, heroic version is the actual best mace, but whatevs.) I am so excited.

Things I am not excited about: assholes on my raid team transferring off the server without telling anybody ahead of time. Fuck you too, buddy.

By which I mean, Bacon Bandits (Earthen Ring US Alliance) are recruiting a DPS. We're not terribly picky about what type at this point as long as your numbers are in the right range for heroic Dragon Soul kills. We do not currently have a Death Knight or a Rogue. We're currently 4/8H in Dragon Soul (Morchok, Yorsahj, Ultraxion, Hagara) and starting work on Zonozz this week. We are cool and casual as fuck. Please come hit things in the face for me.

Other things I am not excited about: oh sweet baby jesus we have to go to firelands for another staff. D: 3 staves is awesome, grinding firelands for the rest of my life is not.


Re-reading Homestuck from the start apparently. So many one-off gags in this thing that turned into not just running gags but actual plot points started so much earlier than I remembered.

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