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more homestuck re-read

So I'm to the beginning of Act 5/Hivebent, since I'm trying to take thing slow and actually pay attention to shit this time, rather than just blustering through. (That means re-watching the flashes like seven times a piece until I'm sure I understand what happened in almost every scene.)

Here are my thoughts:

1. So basically everything involving Sollux and Aradia is sad and tragic anyway, but the early conversations between them is so much moreso with the knowledge of what actually happened in the past/with all the FLARPing shenanigans.

2. Karkat is like a billion times more adorable adorabloodthirsty amazing right from the beginning than I remembered. SO MUCH MORE AMAZING.

3. ♥Terezi♥

4. This is actually more in response to more recent events than what I'm re-reading right now, but I will never be able to completely 100% loathe Vriska (or, I mean, 100% wish she wasn't in the story at all rather than enjoying disliking her) if only because I basically love that her whole messed up relationship with Terezi exists. Not that, like, it was good/healthy, but that it's just so complex and toxic and friendships going sour writ large, and... I don't know. It's hard to explain. I just like that that it happened and it's a big part of their characterization, and it's still a big deal in the story even now. And not really in a "lol blackrom" way. Just in that messy "we used to be friends, but not really because you're kind of a sociopath" type way? :\

5. Eridan and his nice guy bullshit can still go fuck itself though. Seriously.

6. I think I need more Homestuck icons.
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I unironically adore Vriska while also having a gigantic amount of <3333 for Tavros, and for what she did to him (and to others, and to herself.)

But all my Hamsteak opinions can be boiled down to &all the ladies; forever and ever. So~