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So I'm going back to work tomorrow! Scary scary stuff! But yay for being mostly healed! \o/

What's been interesting me in WoW lately is making gold. I am not very good at it yet because I only have two max level professions (JC and Mining), but I'm learning! Here are things I have learned:

- Sometimes people put uncut Alicite up on the AH for less than 9g, and I rejoice, buy it all up, cut it and vendor it for 9g. I think I've made about 10g profit doing this.

- Cut Inferno Rubies make mad cash no matter when I put them up for auction. I was kind of hoarding them for my own personal use, but nowadays when I prospect them, I immediately cut and auction them.

- Other good sellers: Puissant Dream Emerald (beloved by tanks), and Str/Hit and Int/Hit Demonseye cuts. I generally sell my Ember Topazes uncut since apparently nobody loves Str/Mastery gems but me. If you're heavy on Amberjewel: Mystic Amberjewel (+40 resilience cut) sells pretty well for me on the weekends.

- TIP FOR MINERS: You are probably like me, and do a lot of mining for elementium in Uldum because the farming route is super easy! I used to work in some fishing while circling my way from the end of my route back to the beginning, but lately I've been flying over to the little mesa-y area around the Obelisk of the Sun. First, there are usually 4 air elementals there that have a chance to drop volatile air. Currently, I'm working on mats for some truegold I need crafted, so I'm keeping it, but otherwise, you can sell it as it's the most expensive volatile. Secondly, there like 7 node spawn points around this area, 2-3 of which are usually up at a time. And they respawn pretty quickly!

- Soloing BC 5-mans (normal SLabs and normal Steamvault, mostly. I've also done normal Arcatraz, heroic Sethekk Halls, and heroic Underbog a decent amount) and duoing BC T4 raids (Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon) for the lols actually makes decent cash. I've only done Karazhan of the raids so far, but I hear Gruul and Magtheridon both still drop mad cash, and that Magtheridon is actually sort of soloable if he doesn't bug out. I don't usually do this with an enchanter and just vendor everything (green, blue, or purple) that drops, but I've heard it's super efficient with an enchanter in party to DE. So basically, if you're working on BC dungeon reps, or grinding for the Reins of the Raven Lord, or any of the rare drops in Magister's Terrace, it's not a bad source of income, especially if you don't have a gathering profession. You will also make a boatload on the ridiculous amount of netherweave that drops, either by selling the netherweave straight up, or by crafting and selling bags.

- Doing my dailies makes a lot of gold. I mostly do 6-12 Tol Barad dailies (depending on if we have Tol Barad when I'm on), 7 Argent Tournament dailies (I skip some of them because I don't like doing them), Jewelcrafting, SW cooking and fishing, Dalaran fishing, and the two Ramkahen dailies if I have the dailies to spare. (I also do the Dalaran JC daily if I have extra available, since I'm buying blue cuts and selling them on the weekends to lowbie alts.)

- Archaeology: I am usually working on troll artifacts in the Eastern Kingdoms since I still want the troll sword because it's still BiS for me until heroic raids (which I am unlikely to ever do), but when I occasionally go over to Kalimdor, I spend my sweet time working through Tol'Vir artifacts because I auction the shit out of Tol'Vir hieroglyphics. They run for something like 800g on my cheap-ass server.

- While I'm doing archaeology, I also mine any low level mining nodes I happen to find. Alts will always need mithril ore/mithril bars or whatever, you know? I don't go out of my way to farm or anything, I just pick them up if I notice them.

- AH playing: Since I don't have a max level enchanter or alchemist, I don't get as much out of the Obsidium Shuffle as others do. However, if elementium ore/elementium bars are cheap and I have volatile earth on hand, or it is also cheap, I will buy it up and smelt hardened elementium and put it back up on the AH. It's a pretty decent seller. Go go mining!

- OMG cooking/fishing. Aside from making a little bit of gold (and a few +60 feasts I can drop on heroics nights!) getting hired by a guy from Trade to cook Lavascale Fillet so he could level up his engineering with the Goblin Barbeque recipe, I've been auctioning off buff food where the mats require actual farming to get: fish like Deepsea Sagefish or Lavascale Catfish that are fished only from open water, and due to changes to how tanking works for protection paladins (especially now that they have Rebuke, which will require hit cap until 4.1), I've lately been profiting off the +90 hit food. (This did require farming dragons in the Twilight Highlands for about 30 minutes to get two stacks, but I'm selling stacks for 90g each.) Skewered Eel doesn't sell reliably because Fathom Eel pools fucking everywhere, but I suspect Beer-Basted Crocolisk is also a decent seller (although the mats are easier to obtain since they have a decent droprate from Tol Barad quest mobs), but I wouldn't know because I'm hoarding it all for myself.

- I don't feel like I'm doing as much with my priest's Inscription as I am with her Enchanting. (She's finally gotten to the level where she knows a couple PvP twink enchants.) If this remains true at max level Inscription, I might move Mining over to her so I can min/max with Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting on Honor.

Which has amounted to me making 7000g in like 5 days, which is pretty good for not knowing what I'm doing.

Also, my heroics-someday-we-will-do-raids group is getting a for real new DK tank, so it's not quite so imperative that I learn prot, but I told my RL that I'll still work on getting gear for my prot spec in case I need to sub in on a fight or something. So, yay! I'm working on getting the 1H weapon from Baradin's Wardens, and am slooowly gathering mats for the craftable tanking shield, and once I get my JP hat, I'll have all the JP items I need for my ret spec, and can start using my JP for tanking gear! Yay!

ALSO ALSO. If you are an Alliance rep grinder: the Wintersaber will be changed to have its acquisition be more like the Ravasaur daily quest series in 4.1, which means that the Wintersaber Trainers rep will be going away. If you were ever going to do it: do it now.

Heroic Deadmines: Shoulders off Glubtok
Heroic Vortex Pinnacle: Pants off Asaad
Heroic Halls of Origination: Chest off Ptah [& Ring off Isiset, Trinket off Rajh]
Heroic Lost City: [Ring and Boots off High Prophet Barim]

Ramkahen exalted: ret 359 neck, prot 359 bracers
Earthen Ring revered: prot head enchant
Guardians of Hyjal exalted: ret 359 belt, prot 359 cloak
Wildhammer Clan exalted: prot 359 boots

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