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So I'm going back to work tomorrow! Scary scary stuff! But yay for being mostly healed! \o/

What's been interesting me in WoW lately is making gold. I am not very good at it yet because I only have two max level professions (JC and Mining), but I'm learning! Here are things I have learned: )

Which has amounted to me making 7000g in like 5 days, which is pretty good for not knowing what I'm doing.

Also, my heroics-someday-we-will-do-raids group is getting a for real new DK tank, so it's not quite so imperative that I learn prot, but I told my RL that I'll still work on getting gear for my prot spec in case I need to sub in on a fight or something. So, yay! I'm working on getting the 1H weapon from Baradin's Wardens, and am slooowly gathering mats for the craftable tanking shield, and once I get my JP hat, I'll have all the JP items I need for my ret spec, and can start using my JP for tanking gear! Yay!

ALSO ALSO. If you are an Alliance rep grinder: the Wintersaber will be changed to have its acquisition be more like the Ravasaur daily quest series in 4.1, which means that the Wintersaber Trainers rep will be going away. If you were ever going to do it: do it now.

Note to self: dungeons I need to be running, rep priority )


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