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hiit iit and quiit iit ([personal profile] ang) wrote2011-04-27 10:55 pm

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Finally enchanted my tank weapon. Windwalk is still just way too expensive, so I went with Mending. People were not kidding Mending proccing off basically every Avenger's Shield. MADNESS. In my tank spec, I'm also getting really close to the magical 12%/12%/40% defense. (11.4% dodge, 13.8% parry, 44% block! SO CLOSE. I might switch out to my Dodge hat, which has a less awesome socket bonus, but would push me over the dodge hump.)

I might be tanking some of the low level Cata normals to get used to pulls and stuff. Working on rounding up patient people who will be willing to put up with my slow-ass pulls.

Heroics group leader is talking about us going in to BWD and doing some attempts in May. The first three fights in there seem not horrible, so hopefully we'll down at least Magmaw.