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further baseball

1. ... Also, he is quite handsome.

2. Why is at-bat music so funny to me? But, I mean, seriously. this list is hilarious, amiriteoramirite?

3. I don't even know what to make of this.

4. Beyond the part where Cleveland won the game, I am both psyched and terrified by today's outing by Alex White. On the one hand, yay Quality Start for his MLB debut. On the other hand, really? really? You'll let him throw 110+ pitches on his major league debut? Hm.

Non-baseball news: I made like 1000g tonight because gems were practically flying off the auction house almost as fast as I could list them. MADNESS. Today/tomorrow/this week is going to be pretty big for making gold off stuff I normally wouldn't thanks to Children's Week. This is going to be great for funding my attempt to start some toons hordeside on Wyrmrest Accord.
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Alex White threw over 100 pitches a game on the regular during his three years at UNC. He's conditioned for it. It'll be a while before it hurts him, if at all; I'd trust your pitching coach to know how to take care of him.