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1. ... Also, he is quite handsome.

2. Why is at-bat music so funny to me? But, I mean, seriously. this list is hilarious, amiriteoramirite?

3. I don't even know what to make of this.

4. Beyond the part where Cleveland won the game, I am both psyched and terrified by today's outing by Alex White. On the one hand, yay Quality Start for his MLB debut. On the other hand, really? really? You'll let him throw 110+ pitches on his major league debut? Hm.

Non-baseball news: I made like 1000g tonight because gems were practically flying off the auction house almost as fast as I could list them. MADNESS. Today/tomorrow/this week is going to be pretty big for making gold off stuff I normally wouldn't thanks to Children's Week. This is going to be great for funding my attempt to start some toons hordeside on Wyrmrest Accord.
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A short summary of the commentary on the All-Star Game:
Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees. Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees. Yankees Yankees Yankees. Yankees Yankees, Yankees Yankees Yankees: Yankees.


Jun. 24th, 2010 02:09 am
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The Midwest League (A-Ball) All-Star Game was pretty great! Granted, we had to sit through endless iterations of Zooperstars, Myron Noodleman, and Birdzerk performances to get to the actual baseball, but after four years of watching minor league baseball games on a semi-regular basis, I'm starting to get used to them. (BBoy McCoy was occasionally passable entertainment. Mostly when he got D'Marcus Ingram from the Quad Cities River Bandits to dance with him. This just in: Ingram is a capable dancer.)

I completely forgot that the Lake County Captains are in the MWL, so I was pleasantly surprised to see three players from Lake County on the East team: Bo Greenwell, Chun Chen, and Nick Savanides. I haven't heard much about any of these players, although Greenwell's name sounds familiar, so I hesitate to say anything about their performance on Tuesday night.

[ profile] caruso! I did keep my eye on Jacob Turner, but only when he was playing, since we got to the park fairly late and weren't around for the other festivities. He pitched the fourth inning, faced four batters, gave up no runs, and mostly got dudes out on grounders. His pitches seemed a lot faster than they really were, I think? I don't know. He was one of the pitchers I found intriguing to watch, but I am not a scout. :)

Other notables: Jerry Sands of the Great Lakes Loons was MVP of the game. He is a really big dude. Every time he came up to bat I leaned over to be like "HE IS SO BIG" to Secret Canadian. BUT HE IS. HE IS A BIG DUDE. Also, the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps' Nate Freiman is CRAZY TALL. There was also a guy from the Burlington Bees who pitched for the West whom I found kind of entrancing, but I missed his name and know NOTHING ELSE.

Anyway, good times!

Today, Secret Canadian and I shopped around for parts for the desktop we are building for me. Just pricing stuff, not actually buying things, though. I am PRETTY EXCITED.
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Um, I didn't want to be on the wrong side of a perfect game, but I kind of wanted it to be legit broken up, not lost on a shitty call.


Also, the Indians have officially become so terrible, they have come back around to being HILARIOUS.
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Look, I have had a VERY BUSY WEEK.

Red Robin 12 )

Batgirl 10 )

Birds of Prey 1 )

Adventure Comics 11 (514) )

Booster Gold 32 )

Justice League Generation Lost 1 )

Black Widow 2 )

I totally skipped watching Dancing With the Stars tonight to watch baseball instead because I just didn't feel like DWTS. Baseball was terrible, by the way, since in the first inning Jhonny Peralta collided with/landed on Asdrubal Cabrera, and BROKE CABRERA'S ARM.

And also, then the Indians led the game for a while, but Rays came back and won it in extras on a WALKOFF BUNT I HATE EVERYTHING.

My point here is that I actually feel a bit like writing some (mostly gen, I think) baseball fic about Jhonny and Asdrubal now. Or something. Poor Droobs. :(
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Booster Gold 31 )

Batgirl 9 )

Red Robin 11 )

Black Widow 1 )

I am not going to cut for Adventure Comics #10 because I mostly want to say WHY AM I STILL READING LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON? FUCKING SERIOUSLY. I got tricked into reading this because Adventure, which I am only reading because Legion, and now there is very little Legion and I am sad.

On the plus side, Quislet is comprised primarily of lolz, and I am very glad that Adventure has been reminding me of this lately.

Brightest Day 0 )

Comics were not especially awesome, but nothing really sucked! Well, except Adventure. But I was expecting that.

edit: And in baseball news, APV would like all Indians fans to step back from the ledge, and just enjoy the view. I will eventually reach acceptance with the 2010 Cleveland Indians.


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