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So I went to Youtube to relisten to the 4/3 speed version of Time on my side (which actually is like 25% more badass than the orginal version, even though the original version is, among other things, the background music to [S] Prince of Heart: Rise Up), and when I opened the Youtube page, I actually looked at my subscriptions, and instead, I wound up watching the latest EverymanHybrid video and then going to the wiki to figure out what the fuck was going on and holy shit Evan/DamselSteph is a thing that actually happened? What? (Although tbh as far as I can tell I am... kind of uncomfortable with how it's happening? But whatever those kids were perfect for each other.) And they crossed over with TribeTwelve? (Ok, true story, but the guy who plays Noah from TT basically seems like the most hilariously dedicated to the story of all these guys. Apparently the crossover sprung from accidentally appearing in one of the EMH fans' 7 Trials of Habit videos and he was like "Sure, why not, lets say that was my character and cross this shit over.")

Anyway, so yeah, basically 1. I need to go catch up on the last year of EMH and TT and MH(2). And 2. I cannot believe I have spent a year not following EMH and we still have no idea what the fuck is going on. Like, there is still no solid confirmation either way on what, exactly, is the connection between the 1980s-Fairmount versions of the characters and the modern versions aside from vague insinuations they are all stuck in urban legend hell.

The problem with catching up with all this is I'm going to feel compelled to download all the new stuff into my Giant Folder Of Slender Man Shit on my computer and I am just not sure I want to make the time commitment for that. (Originally it was because I intended to make some sort of fan video thing using the footage, and then I remembered vidding is ~beyond my delicate brains~ but still felt the need to obsessively compile all of it.)

I hit the first recap entry in my Homestuck re-read, which seemed like a good place to take a break. (And then skipped ahead to some of the Dave/Terezi good bits, some of which I'd completely forgotten about? IDK. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.)

I kind of want there to be Jade/Davesprite (or I guess Jadesprite/Davesprite, but somewhat less so, since right now I am mostly interested in something that would be set after Jade and Jadesprite merge.) fic in my world. I am not really sure why; it's just a thing. That I want.


Edit And since apparently I still have this open in a tab weeks later and it's suddenly relevant, [personal profile] some_stars linked me this slenderman picture that is basically the most amazing thing ever. (like, honest to god i keep accidentally tabbing to it and laughing my ass off because it is wonderful.)
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New Everyman HYBRID video and you guys Read more... )

Also seriously fucking creepy: The new Tribe Twelve. I don't like TT as much as EMH, but I think TT has the best special effects of the Slender Man serieses I've seen. Beckah, however, should not watch Tribe Twelve because there are tentacles.
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So I got this text message from [ profile] violin_road the other day that apparently the Marble Hornets twitter updated! There are creepy pictures and a possible countdown to Season 2 finally starting. SO EXCITED. Which sent me back to the Unfiction forums, which led me to some Slenderman stuff that started up in my absence, by which I mean EverymanHYBRID* is basically like someone went "I really like that Marble Hornets series, but I think it would be better if instead of art students making a terrible student film, all the major cast members were bros making a terrible youtube series about working out."

In other news, I woke up this morning for some reason trying to remember what the actual plot of Son in Law was. I actually had to look it up on IMDb just now because it was driving me crazy not being able to remember if the Pauly Shore character was actually engaged to heroine or if it was all some sort of elaborate scheme. What the hell. I am pretty sure I'm not supposed to even admit I've watched that movie, even though I am also fairly sure I watched it when I was home sick and it was that movie that was always on HBO at the time. Or something.

* Note that I have not watched the whole thing yet, and I don't know whether or not I like it yet, but it is definitely about bros.**

** Omg. I'm backreading the unforum thread and it actually turns into a real ARG with multiple sites (a lady! ["the tragic hero and his unattainable companion!" really? really? bros, you are kind of great.]) and geocaching! ALSO, EVAN IS THE NEW LOGAN EVEN MORE AMAZINGLY CRAZY THAN LOGAN ♥♥♥.


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