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Normally, I try to restrict myself to one post per day, but I am probably not going to be posting tomorrow since I am going on a date-ish thing right after work. So whatever! Here are some things I have read recently that were pretty all right!

Outtakes by [ profile] kartography
Figure Skating RPF, Johnny Weir/Stéphane Lambiel, R
In which Stéphane is annoying, Johnny is adrift, and there is a lot of hugging. The author doesn't have a word count, but it's like three entries on LiveJournal. I laughed a lot, and MAYBE GOT A LITTLE TEARED UP AT PARTS OKAY?

You Wanna be On Top? by [ profile] perculious
Figure Skating RPF, Drew Meekins/just about everybody, past Drew/Johnny Weir and Drew/Jeremy Abbott, PG
Drew Meekins has the power to make people win the National Championships. With his penis.

Five Times Justin Indulged His Kink by [ profile] americanleaguer
Baseball RPF, Justin Verlander/Joel Zumaya; Ryan Perry; Miguel Cabrera; Jeremy Bonderman; Brandon Inge, NC-17, 3312 words
Originally from the baseball kink meme in which someone requested a story about Justin Verlander having a tattoo kink. There are some hot bits, and also the part with Brandon Inge is hilarious.

hockey bets by some anonymous person
Baseball RPF, Justin Morneau/Joe Mauer, NC-17
I don't know why Mauer and Morneau are somehow exempt from the rule that all baseball slash must be at least kind of sad, or at least bittersweet at best, but I love it, and demand that stories about these two stay primarily about the lolz henceforth.


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