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Jun. 14th, 2010 01:23 am
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I didn't want to rec this until I read the whole thing, and I just finished it! So let me tell you guys that O'er the Dark-Green Sea by [ profile] poisonivory is super great. It is a DC Comics AU in which the various members of the Green Lantern and Green Arrow families are either pirates or members of the British Navy. And yeah, whatever, Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke are cute together in it, but also Jenny is amazing and Hal and Ollie are total dramaqueens and I love [ profile] poisonivory's dedication to referencing totally random rogues all the time in her stories, and you should go read this. Yes.
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So my gameplay time on Kingdom Hearts is like 8:35 now or some shit. I'm still in Wonderland. I also have a question: I have gathered I learn how to fly in Neverland. After I do that, can I come back to Wonderland to get the things I can see, but cannot currently figure out how to reach because I can't jump that far? Also, Jesus Christ where is the fourth piece of evidence hiding? I HATE YOU WONDERLAND.

In other news, a rec!
Adventures in Solitude by [personal profile] riseupwithfists
DC Comics, Teen Titans Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake.
This story is kind of a fix-it AU set in a world where Cassie sort of blew up the team and re-started it with a lot of the old Young Justice crew and some of the people from the Teen Titans era before everything went to shit. But it's not a fix-it so much as a reconcile-it, to quote a commenter on the story. It's also hilarious and awesome and you should read it!

Some recs!

May. 15th, 2010 04:26 pm
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It feels like it's been about forever since I've had a weekend off, and even longer since I've had a weekend off and not spent it, like, being social in person. It's so weird having all this free time. I've been spending it waiting for my actions at Echo Bazaar to refresh and reading fanfiction. I might go for a bike ride later.

Here are two [ profile] comicsbigbang stories I liked!:

DC Comics: JSA
The Faculty of Conscious and Especially Of Deliberate Action by [ profile] isilfic
Alan Scott, PG-13, 11636 words.
Alan Scott has had a very long life in which lots of things have happened.

Marvel Comics: Young Avengers
Gravity: The Fundamental Things Apply by [personal profile] jazzypom
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, R, 21500 words.
[personal profile] jazzypom wrote a really interesting post about Young Avengers fandom and race and female characters a while back, and I have not read Young Avengers in something like four years, but when I saw that she had written a Young Avengers story for Comics Big Bang, I was super excited. This is a story about Eli Bradley, and about superheroes who are not white, and about Eli/Kate. It is very good.

There is also a story from [ profile] lgbtfest that I thought was pretty great:
Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces by [ profile] mjules
Calvin & Hobbes. In which Calvin visits his Uncle Max and meets Max's boyfriend.
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DC Comics: The Lost Alchemist by [personal profile] fleur_de_liz. Blue Beetle/Booster Gold, PG. An alternate universe story with magic and gods and fairytales. Y'all, this story is so great. SO GREAT.


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