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Don't worry! It's just perfume!

Where the Lunar Festival let me down, Love Is In The Air delivers! The main questline from the Inspector beginning with Something Stinks gives over half a bar of XP, and you don't have to kill anyone. (The daily quest that opens up from him after completing the A Friendly Chat... does require kills, though. Sad times!) There is also one daily quest available per day that merely requires giving ten people (or NPCs) perfume or candy and gives over 600 XP every time I complete it.

Apart from time-sensitive dailies, I've been trying to resist leveling much on Dovie because I'd like to get her as close to full heirlooms as possible to maximize rep from quests. Right now she only has the Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (yay guild level 10!), and I'm working on getting her the traditional 1-80 heirlooms via the Argent Tournament (I need the JP to gear two specs right now unfortunately). But this is obviously going to take a while. I promise I'm not going to wait on getting the heirloom helm, though. It's going to be a very long time before my guild is level 20.

Also! I am thinking about building a sort of adventurer/explorer type looking RP set for Dovie. Required equip level doesn't matter (I'm very patient), but obviously everything has to be BoE. Any items you'd recommend? I'm especially looking for a hat.

And now, some silly pictures of my main hanging out with my priest friend after we finished up with the holiday boss yesterday. )

And I finally got Honor the Tol Barad sword, and I have played so much WoW the last few days I don't even want to go try it out.
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I haven't been playing my rogue who doesn't kill much, partially because I've been focusing on other toons, and partially because I want to get her some heirlooms before I really settle in. bonus XP from the few quests she can do will be really nice.

However, here are some screenshots of her few adventures from this week. )

(In news about other characters, SC talked me into running normal Grim Batol with him twice today, and even though I am super rusty on Honor, I had enough fun I went and quested through Mount Hyjal on her to get the boot upgrade from the Guardians of Hyjal. It was a fun zone, except for that godawful Joust thing, which is still in my questlog. Also, what is up with how easy it is to get to Revered with the Guardians? Guardians: quest in the zone until you're done! Everything else: quest in the zone/up to three different zones until you're done, at which point you'll be maaaaybe 2/5 of the way through Honored. Then again, does Hyjal even have dailies? What is with the lack of dailies this expac?)
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A while back, I read a bunch of articles on people who leveled characters on World of Warcraft in strange ways: the warrior who leveled without weapons, the folks who grinded to 80 without getting any achievements other than the ones they got for their levels, getting to max level without dying, etc. There were also two people who were slowly leveling as "pacifists": trying to get to as high a level as possible without killing anything.

Now that Blizzard has included experience for gathering professions and archaeology, SC and I think it actually might be possible to get to max level without killing anything. So I'm giving it a shot.

This is Dovie. Say hello, Dovie!

Making her a rogue was a no-brainer; rogues have Stealth, Vanish, Sap, Distract, Blind... They have tons of ways to avoid combat, get out of combat, and otherwise accomplish their goals without killing. There are enough "Go into the bad guys' camp and fetch their papers" quests that it's worth doing this as a rogue. Plus, picking pockets and lockpicking is going to rule!

I decided to roll her as Alliance because unlike the ones in Orgrimmar, none of the Stormwind fishing or cooking quests require combat-type killing. (Obviously catching fish is technically killing, and many of the cooking quests involve meat, but I'm going to allow them because my character doesn't like stabbing stuff to death, but that doesn't necessarily make her a vegan, you know?) I went with a human basically for the racials. As far as I can tell all the 1-5 zones for Alliance races that aren't phased out and have rogues pretty much start off with kill quests, although I'm not 100% on that.

Here are my rules:
1. No killing blows on NPCs.

2. No killing blows on PCs.

3. No partying with someone else who is killing NPCs or PCs.

4. No battlegrounds at all: I know some people who have tried to do this did it by healing battlegrounds or running flags in them, which is totally reasonable, but I think it kind of goes against the challenge, and it breaks the "no partying with people who are killing PCs" rule.

5. No unlearning/relearning professions to game the XP system. Waiting to train my skills higher so I can continue to get XP from gathering in at-level areas is appropriate.

6. The cooking/fishing dailies often involve the deaths of fish and the caught canal crabs; however, since the quests don't involve entering combat, I think it's reasonable to allow them.

7. This is more applicable as Horde, but quests where the character doesn't know the end result will be an NPC's death (some of the apothecary quests) are allowable, in that your character is tricked into doing them and could be doing them in good faith.

8. I'm allowing myself to buy quest items on the auction house for quests like the Clamlette Magnifique cooking quest (buying meat to learn to cook a recipe is not a violent act unless you feel strongly about the consumption of meat), but not for quests like the Encrypted Twilight Texts quest. (Arguably, my character could have picked them from the cultists' pockets, but I think it's cheating.)

9. I'm unsure where I stand on quests where your character roughs someone up but does not kill them. I think I'm against doing them, but I'm leaving my options open on that one.

Anyway, Dovie is now level 4, through cunning use of exploration, herbing, mining, and taking all the quests to go to each race's starting inn. I'm currently working my way through "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!" but I got sick of running away from murlocs and decided to take a break. So excited for level 5 and Stealth. I'll be able to do some of the quests in my log, then! Yay!

Until then, I'm going to be looking at this a lot.


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