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Okay, y'all, so I think I'm going to keep up "hiatus"-ing for another week or so. I've been feeling pretty good and being kind of productive, although less productive than I intended to be (as I will discuss later), and I think this is good for me.

Anyway! Kingdom Hearts! I finished Monstro! Riku is a jerk! I'm like level 31 or something now! I died the first time I tried to fight the Parasite Cage by myself not because it was that hard a battle, but because stomach acid! I eventually beat it and then went back to Traverse Town to play around in the 100 Acre Woods. Tigger is a jerk too! Pooh got stuck in Rabbit's house!

And uh, then I completely failed to play any more Kingdom Hearts because SC got my desktop up and working and got World of Warcraft working on it, and suddenly I had a level 16 draenei paladin! :D? :D? (And a Level 5 Night Elf Hunter.) Um. Whining about WoW. The thing you really need to know is that people's names have been over their heads in colors in my dreams lately. DDDD: )
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Quick aside before I get into the VIDEOGAMES!!! portion of this entry: I have mostly been good about not being on LiveJournal, and have only checked Dreamwidth once this week. (Which was enough to be aware there is some sort of argument going down about warnings at VividCon? [personal profile] thingswithwings had a pretty good post about it.) However, last night I got sucked into a TVTropes binge, so I am not doing as well as I could be.

Gameplay: 22:50-ish?
Level: 29
Worlds: Agrabah, Traverse Town, 100 Acre Wood, Monstro

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Gameplay: I didn't check! I think I'm over 20 hours at this point?
Level: 26
World: Agrabah

So! Hey! I haven't talked about Kingdom Hearts lately, mostly because I have not been playing. I am about halfway(?) through Agrabah at this point, though, which is pretty great. I'm not really using Aladdin instead of Goofy, since there's no discernible difference, and I like being able to use any Trinity Marks I might find.

I was not in love with Jafar making me fight GIANT BUGS WITH LIGHTNING IN, and it took me waaaaay too long to finish that battle but I did! Then I took a very long break from playing, and was immediately greeted with FIGHT THE CAVE OF WONDERS and because I am a moron, I did not think to jump on the Cave of Wonders's head, and died like twice and got very frustrated and finally had GameFAQs point out to me that I should jump on his head and stab him in the eyes, and then it was difficult but not impossible! So, hey, yay for me!

I couldn't find a save point in the Cave of Wonders, though, so I went back to the city proper and saved in the storage closet. Yeah! Basically, the regular Heartless you run into on the street are starting to get really hard to beat and I dislike them. Perhaps I am too low level and need to level grind in Agrabah for a while or something? I do not know!

Basically, I do not feel like playing more Kingdom Hearts today, and I am working a lot over the next two weeks, so I will probably not play more for a while anyway. And that's okay!
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Went to Lima to pick up comics, and I was going to read them tonight, but I read one issue and then couldn't bring myself to read the next book in my stack. I don't know, I might do that later, though. While I was there, FLCDude and another customer swore up and down that the latest storyarc in JSA (original flavor) is good, but everything they said to me just made it sound like a loledgy tryhard rip-off of a story that I've already read like four times when the X-Men did it. It's not like I'm going to buy it because I will always dislike Willingham, but is it better than it sounds?

I also watched the first episode of Rookie Blue. It's okay, and it's got Ephram from Everwood in it, and also Candace from Heroes. I could have done without the random transfail for no reason, though. (I realize that it was realistic, but it was kind of sketchy, okay?)

Tonight, I also tried to move on in Kingdom Hearts, and got killed by the Cave of Wonders twice and was like "Ah, fuck it," and put my PS2 away and came back upstairs to write this entry. I think I might look at a few walkthroughs and see if there's a better way to fight this thing.

edit: I just bought all the parts to build my new desktop!!! I am kind of freaking out, but excited!!! Except now I have to go clean off my desk so I have a place to put it after it's built.
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Gameplay: 18:00-something.
Level: 24
World: Traverse Town, Hundred Acre Wood, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah

I am working late today, so I probably won't play, or won't play much, tonight when I get off work. Videogames are not that relaxing for me when I am already tired, which I usually am when I don't get off work until 8pm or so. So I'll post about where I'm up to now, I guess.

Further explanation of how I am very stupid. )

IMPORTANT QUESTION: I can't have both Dodge Roll and Guard equipped simultaneously, can I? :( Which is it probably in my best interest to equip? I love all Dodge Rolls, but Guard seems like it might be useful? I don't know! I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet. I hear it is useful in some of the other fights in the Coliseum, anyway.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT QUESTION: Uh, what exactly does Aero do, anyway?

In other news, "webinar" is a silly non-word.
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World: Olympus Coliseum, Traverse Town
Gameplay: 16:15
Level: 22


but let's go back to earlier! )
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Worlds: Deep Jungle, Olympus Coliseum
Gameplay: 14:37
Level: 21

So! I am spamming today, but that is because I finished Deep Jungle. TARZAN, I WILL MISS YOU.

Monkeys! Boss fights! Really stupid waterfalls I mean seriously. )
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World: Deep Jungle
Gameplay: 12:43
Level: 19? 20? Somewhere in there. If Sora isn't Level 20 yet, he's about to be, because Goofy just leveled.

Okay, so Wonderland confused me A LOT and also, I was possibly too high level for the boss, because I was totally waiting for the Queen of Hearts to be the boss, but SHE WAS NOT. So what I thought I had to do to finish Wonderland was go find Alice and then return her to Wonderland and then fight the Queen of Hearts, but ACTUALLY I am FINISHED with Wonderland!

Important discovery: Tarzan could probably save his world from the Heartless all on his own, because he's just that kickass. )

And an unrelated rec!
Pas de deux by [ profile] neery
Figure skating/Reality TV Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir, but really it's Evan & Anna Trebunskaya friendship fic. 28,000 words. In which Anna is long-suffering, Evan fails at human emotions, and Johnny sort of shows up to be Johnny on occasion.
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World: Wonderland
Gameplay: 8:35-10:22
Level: 15-17

So I actually played videogames for more than 15-30 minutes today, which is KIND OF A FEAT in my world. I usually get bored after a few minutes and have to stop and go do something else. I did have to stop and restart a bunch of times today for reasons of frustration, but I put together a decent run of time!


World: Traverse Town
Gameplay: 11:20 or something

OKAY DUDES. HOW DO I GET TO THE UNDERGROUND CAVERN? It is still locked. I suspect I have to get through the giant pile of boxes to the locked chest behind it, but this appears to be impossible thus far. Tip tips?

Also, I am going to hope I can get through the flying sequences without ever building a new Gummi Ship on the basis that I AM SORRY CHIP AND DALE RESCUE RANGERS BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR TUTORIAL.
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So my gameplay time on Kingdom Hearts is like 8:35 now or some shit. I'm still in Wonderland. I also have a question: I have gathered I learn how to fly in Neverland. After I do that, can I come back to Wonderland to get the things I can see, but cannot currently figure out how to reach because I can't jump that far? Also, Jesus Christ where is the fourth piece of evidence hiding? I HATE YOU WONDERLAND.

In other news, a rec!
Adventures in Solitude by [personal profile] riseupwithfists
DC Comics, Teen Titans Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake.
This story is kind of a fix-it AU set in a world where Cassie sort of blew up the team and re-started it with a lot of the old Young Justice crew and some of the people from the Teen Titans era before everything went to shit. But it's not a fix-it so much as a reconcile-it, to quote a commenter on the story. It's also hilarious and awesome and you should read it!
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I'm playing Kingdom Hearts again! I'm in Wonderland! I forgot like half of the controls since last time, so I'm wandering around trying to remember how to target enemies while I'm fighting a bunch of Heartless. It's kind of terrifying. (I figured it out. I'm still trying to figure out how to access the items I don't have directly on hand when I'm not at a save point. Can I even do that? I FORGET.)

Also, I keep running around getting bigger and smaller and bigger and smaller and getting lost on mushrooms and running around in circles, and I KIND OF HATE YOU WONDERLAND.


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