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I have been so so so all over the Tiger & Bunny anon meme lately.

1. Whoever was writing Objective finished and I love it so much. (It is a gen story where a villain with the NEXT power to give someone one objective they must carry out gives Kotetsu the objective to kill Barnaby. The rest of the heroes attempt to keep them separated until the situation can be fixed. It is sad and hilarious and has moments of A+ black comedy.)

2. I love how errant comments are frequently favored with Errant Sky High fic fills. It is my favorite Weird Thing This Meme Does.

3. I also love how it is the judgiest kinkmeme ever. Like, I am actually not kidding when I say that I love that, because I do. I appreciate anonymous judginess.

4. I can't stop looking at this prompt and thinking TheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFix. Because that is how I roll. I don't think that's what the OP is aiming for, though.

5. I may go through later and do a big Links To Ongoing WIPs thing as well, but laaaazy.

Edit: And in WoW news, I've been going back to do the Molten Front dailies on my mage to get the engineering patterns and getting hit on by druids is still hilarious.
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Finished all 25 episodes of Tiger & Bunny. (Which, btw, are all up on Hulu and you should watch them and then be like "Golly Ang, you are right, that was super awesome." If you are trying to watch it and a little put off by Fire Emblem, while his portrayal may never really hit 100% non-offensive for you, it does get much better as it goes along.)

IT WAS SO AWESOME. It is BASICALLY Starsky & Hutch, but with superheroes and made in Japan, and with an actual ensemble cast and better writing. Also, no hookersexuality at all. So not really like Starsky & Hutch at all, but WORK WITH ME HERE.

BUT BASICALLY it is so bizarre-slash-awesome watching an actually pretty well-done decon/recon of the American superhero mythos from a Japanese perspective. And it actually deals with some decent issues with the basic premise of superheroes while simultaneously mostly coming down on the idealistic side rather than the cynical side. (Basically, I would hate Lunatic if he were the protagonist, but because he's a minor antagonist/anti-villain and ♥Kotetsu♥ is the protagonist, I am actually like, 100% behind Lunatic's existence and inclusion in the storyline. I did think extremely vague spoilers ) but not so much I couldn't roll with it.)

I am also kind of surprised I am not more full of hearts for Barnaby, given that his storyline is also basically Ang-catnip, but I think I am out of hearts after ♥Kotetsu♥. Maybe. I mean, I like him and find him interesting! My heart just hasn't turned into a little splosion of love for him. THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY SPLOSIONS TO GO AROUND I GUESS.

ANYWAY, I kind of want to go looking for ♥Kotetsu♥/Barnaby fic, but I swear to god if the fanfic isn't long and involved H/C epics and is instead a lot of boring seme/uke bullshit I am going to CRY FOREVER. (I do not even know how you'd even start to seme/uke this nonsense, either. I think about it and sort of go cross-eyed in confusion.)

Would also read a billion gen stories about everything and all the other heroes. Especially Karina, who interests me deeply.


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