Jul. 14th, 2010 10:36 pm
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I'm not going to go into all the comics I read today (from the past three weeks), but I needed to talk about JSA All-Stars #8 )

I still have no idea what's going on in JLA, but I kind of enjoyed it anyway, even though it is crap. The Dex-Starr bit at the end of Green Lantern #55 was a sibling of "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure". I did not like Adventure Comics #516 very much. I read some other comics, but don't have as much to say about them. And Booster Gold #34 included the line x ) and I laughed a lot.
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I was going to type this up last night, but I decided to re-watch the first four episodes of The X-Files instead. I'm serious about getting through the whole series this time, guys. I've got two seasons on DVD even! :D?

Anyway, onto comics!

Green Lantern Corps #49 )

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 )

Power Girl #13 )

Justice League: Generation Lost #4 )
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WOOOOOOOOOOO. So instead of going to my comics shop today, I slept in super late and failed to bathe and dicked around on the internet instead. I realized this means that I'm going to have two issues of Brightest Day waiting for me when I go in next Wednesday to beg my comics shop to let me stop buying it because it is horrible.

Speaking of DC Comics being horrible! You have probably all seen Ian Sattler not understanding that unlike actual people of color, BLUE PEOPLE AREN'T REAL and Bill Willingham actually saying IN PUBLIC "I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the memorial case [for Spoiler]." Who lets these guys out of the house and onto panels at conventions? I MEAN REALLY.

My LiveJournal paid account came up, and I went ahead and bought a six month account at both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. The problem is that I read a lot of people in comics fandom and in fancademia at Dreamwidth, but pretty much all of my real person fandoms are still at LiveJournal, which makes moving to one or the other kind of difficult.

I really do need to work on porting all my icons over to DW, and on cleaning up my friends lists, though. I think I will keep everyone I read on DW on my friends list at LJ, but I will take them off my default view.

Also! If you have a Dreamwidth account and would prefer I read you there, let me know and I will add you! I try to comment at DW for people who crosspost, but SOMETIMES I FORGET.

Also also! Dreamwidth folks: What communities do I need to be following there? I have decided I need to start working on being more chatty in fandom. Alternately, who should I be reading on DW or LJ that I am not? I want to meet new people!

Apparently the new Bravo show, Work of Art is starting tonight after Top Chef Masters. I do not have high hopes for it, but I will probably watch it anyway!
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Look, I have had a VERY BUSY WEEK.

Red Robin 12 )

Batgirl 10 )

Birds of Prey 1 )

Adventure Comics 11 (514) )

Booster Gold 32 )

Justice League Generation Lost 1 )

Black Widow 2 )

I totally skipped watching Dancing With the Stars tonight to watch baseball instead because I just didn't feel like DWTS. Baseball was terrible, by the way, since in the first inning Jhonny Peralta collided with/landed on Asdrubal Cabrera, and BROKE CABRERA'S ARM.

And also, then the Indians led the game for a while, but Rays came back and won it in extras on a WALKOFF BUNT I HATE EVERYTHING.

My point here is that I actually feel a bit like writing some (mostly gen, I think) baseball fic about Jhonny and Asdrubal now. Or something. Poor Droobs. :(
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I am slowly but surely unlocking things in Lego Batman, which I have started playing again for no good reason. I actually found the final missing minikit canister in two scenes in the past week, and finally actually finished the minigame version of Gotham Streets (Villain), although not with a good enough time to unlock anything. Blah blah blah, I am bad at videogames.

I am less bad at Echo Bazaar because the point is doing stupid things and seeing what happens. Example! )

Tonight, Evan Lysacek did a "futuristic" dance on DWTS in which he and Anna were vaguely robotic, and Anna was possibly Leeloo, and Evan kept doing terrible robot voices in the training segments. And the same day, [ profile] baylop wrote The Most Important Thing, which is a story in which Evan Lysacek is secretly a robot. He has little robot feelings, and I realize that that sounds totally condescending, but whatever, it's Evan Lysacek, and the actual story was sort of bittersweet and I love stories where people are secretly robots. The story has a lot of issues with homophones, so if that sort of thing bugs you, beware, but I enjoyed it. But again, robots and my feelings about them.

I have been failing to finish the last Fionavar Tapestry book, and I don't know why, because I want to know what happens. Possibly because I am sure things will somehow manage to get worse and more tragic for our intrepid heroes.

Today I also got my weekly e-mail from my comics shop telling me what comes out this week. I AM SUPER EXCITED about this week's comics. I hope they don't suck!

edit: Some other things! I am going to be slowly working my way through the [ profile] comicsbigbang stories over the next however long, and it might take me a while to read all the ones that sound good, but I WILL READ THEM EVENTUALLY OKAY.

I am shortly going to start sorting out who I'm following on Dreamwidth and start taking people off my Default View on LJ so I'm not getting double posts by looking at both friends lists. I'm also going to start, like, actually giving people access/subscribing back on Dreamwidth, which I have been bad about doing because I don't get notifications like I do on LJ. I'm not ignoring you, I promise!


May. 7th, 2010 05:35 pm
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So I'm waiting for a Secret Canadian to arrive so I can take him to see Iron Man 2, but he won't be getting here for a while, so instead let's talk about comic books!

The Brave and the Bold #33: Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Batgirl )

JSA All-Stars #6 )


Green Lantern Corps #47 left me kind of cold but I think that's maybe because I haven't been following this team for the whole run of it so I'm not 100% on who these people are? I like how Guy basically still thinks Arisia is kick-ass, though.

I almost picked up Superman #699 and Last Stand of New Krypton #3 on Wednesday. I had them in my hands, and then I said to myself, "Self, you whine about this storyline every time you read it. Maybe you should just not buy it. You don't even care what's going to happen." So I put them back on the shelves. So, uh, did anyone important die or anything? Did they rescue the bottled cities?
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Power Girl 11 )

Green Lantern 53 )

JLA 44 )

Supergirl 52 )

And hey, so that Legion of Super-Heroes title is coming out soon. I'm going to have to start kicking some books off my pull list pretty soon. I cannot buy all of the comic books.

In other news, I am not a fan of the prime time NFL draft. The point of the NFL draft was that you watched that thing all Saturday morning/afternoon, and it was a TRADITION. And basically, ESPN are a bunch of fun haters.
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Booster Gold 31 )

Batgirl 9 )

Red Robin 11 )

Black Widow 1 )

I am not going to cut for Adventure Comics #10 because I mostly want to say WHY AM I STILL READING LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON? FUCKING SERIOUSLY. I got tricked into reading this because Adventure, which I am only reading because Legion, and now there is very little Legion and I am sad.

On the plus side, Quislet is comprised primarily of lolz, and I am very glad that Adventure has been reminding me of this lately.

Brightest Day 0 )

Comics were not especially awesome, but nothing really sucked! Well, except Adventure. But I was expecting that.

edit: And in baseball news, APV would like all Indians fans to step back from the ledge, and just enjoy the view. I will eventually reach acceptance with the 2010 Cleveland Indians.


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