May. 7th, 2011

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Putting stuff up on the neutral auction house is depressing as fuck. By which I mean, um, Alliance people, why are you buying Alliance vendor pets on the AH instead of... from the vendor? :(

Also, apparently I've been conned into being the one to bite the bullet and grind out Steamwheedle Cartel rep in the hopes that one day the United Nations guild achievement will become unbugged. I've got everybody up to revered through questing and a tiny bit of kill grinding. Now I need to decide where I'm grinding for realz. I'll probably end up splitting my time among the following:

1. Southsea Pirates in Tanaris. OK respawn rate, a bit spread out, no real chance for awesome drops. Gives rep for all four sub-factions into Revered, so this will get me to exalted Gadgetzan fastest.

2. Venture Co. Evacuees in Venture Bay, Grizzly Hills. Boat always has at least 3 mobs up at all times, so respawn rate is instant. Closely packed on a boat. Melee mobs, easy to round up to AoE down. But no good drops, and may not give Booty Bay rep past Revered.

3. Venture Co. Geologists in Stranglethorn. Spread out with low respawn rates. Casters who can't be rounded up. But chance of zone drop companion pets.


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