Jan. 10th, 2012

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ø Slowly but surely moving what I can find of my old fic over to AO3. Slowly more than surely.

ø Re-reading The Midnighters series. (Well, the first book. Need to go get my hands on the other two.) I still love creepy, creepy Melissa/Rex.

ø In spite of not having watched the movie at all I've been reading a lot of XMFC Erik/Charles. Yep.

ø Up to level 38 on my Commando. Raz's Sentinel is 40. We're pretty much doing all our questing together at this point because when we solo quest, killing stuff takes me forever and things look at him funny and he dies. Balmorra was confusing but fun. Quesh was awesome. Hoth is like Tatooine with snow.

ø Every time I watch a Todd In the Shadows video, I keep wanting him to be an AU Todd Rice.

ø Hardmode Zon'ozz makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork repeatedly. Apparently the raid team poked at hardmode Yor'sahj on my night to get sat and thought it was okay... and then realized we'd have to drop a healer to beat the enrage timer. (Which btw, I'm so tired of "hardmode" being "Now you must make two healers crank out 20k+ HPS sustained because we put a stupid enrage timer on it.")

ø Feeling a compulsion to re-read reboot Legion of Superheroes, since I never actually did that when [personal profile] some_stars talked about it a few months ago.

ø Awkwardness is now pretty much only awkward in that we are both social failure shut-ins, not because actual interaction is awkward. Which is I guess a long and opaque way of saying :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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