Feb. 24th, 2012

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And I cancelled my sub to SWTOR. :( I've got about 20 days left, so I may go back on at some point and try to finish getting to 50, but I just sort of... stopped playing. If it ever goes F2P or sub cost goes down significantly, I'll probably look into picking it up again, but I just wasn't getting $20/month of playtime out of it, what with WoW and trying to be semi-active in fandom proper again.

I've got some F2P games on my to-play list next, so expect some "omg let me tell you about this new game!!!!" shenanigans in the future. They're mostly grindy Korean things, so that'll be new and exciting. Hopefully with no MMO-platforming this time, though.
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Something about reading Tiger & Bunny fanfic gave me a sudden urge to go read some old-school hurt/comfort, so I busted out the Starsky & Hutch archives, and I mean, on one hand, feeeeelings, and exactly what I wanted to read right now, but on the other hand, I am so glad that fanfiction is more like what it is now than what it was then, I think. (Yes I am re-reading that ridiculous thing where Starsky goes undercover with ~~Satanists~~ and somehow Hutch is captured by them and there is some sort of bizarre Satanist fuck-or-die rape thing and it is so ridiculous and I do not care it is like it sprang fully formed from my id.)

In other news, I can't find any of my The Used CDs and this is the WORST THING EVER. EVER. OF ALL TIME. :(

ACTUALLY THAT IS A LIE. The worst thing OF ALL TIME today is this Tiger & Bunny AU thing with a vaguely interesting premise that was CHOCK FULL OF DOUCHEBAG SEME KOTETSU. I have not D:-ed so hard IRL in AT LEAST TWO DAYS. Why do you hate things that are wonderful and perfect just the way they are? WHY.


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