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What am I doing right now? Attending a Transmogrification Fashion Show in Stormwind Harbor guest-judged by Noelani of WoW Roleplay Gear. (Guild leader made it into the top 25 finalists for his classic druid outfit.)

Look at all these people! )

It's inspiring me to want to work on my mage's transmog set I started on but didn't finish. And, of course, finding the pants ("pants") for my second-pally's plate bikini set. (edit: Messed with what I had lying around in my mage's bank and what I could make on my tailor, and came up with this, which I'm mostly happy with. I may want to mess around with gloves/shirt still though.)
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Because waiting in the DPS queue for LFR is so boring I'm considering switching Keana's offspec back to resto. [holy shit just got into a group that wiped on raid-finder morchok waaaat.] Although let me be honest and say I don't want to go in as the healer who has to be carried, because I'm too used to being the healer carrying everyone else. (Yes, even as my druid, who barely even has the gear to be in there, which should tell you something has gone horribly wrong in LFR.)

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about:
Um, ALL OF THEM? I do not think I ever liked a TV show or movie or book without imagining myself hanging out and chilling with all the characters. So I guess Welcome to Pooh Corner or Scooby Doo. If this question means ~romancey~ type self-insertion, The Tomorrow People (New Series). ADAM NEWMAN IS MINE, BITCHES.

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans:
I think the first fandom where I discovered there was such a thing as "fandom" was The Animaniacs, and this is the story I tell people where I tell them my introduction to fandom very quickly involved accidentally finding furry porn. The first fanfiction I sought out on purpose was for The Labyrinth, but I think the first fandom where I actually talked to other people about how cool our fandom was was probably Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books.

Pairing in the first slash fanfiction I read:
I have absolutely no clue.

First RPS/RPF I read:
I think it was Twi & Ven's The Cure fic at Fiction Records, but it may have been Savage Garden fanfic. Or possibly Duran Duran fanfic.

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write...
[personal profile] torch's X-Files fic, I believe. I mean, I don't; the kind of fanfiction I like to read and the kind I like to write are forever going to be different, but I think that's what I aspired to as a baby ficcer.

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote:
I am 95% sure it was The Cure Robert Smith/Phil Thornalley that was actually Robert Smith/Simon Gallup, but it might have been Savage Garden Daz/Dan. It's all sort of a blur.

First OTP:
I am kind of with [personal profile] cereta that I tend to have OTCs rather than OTPs. Although in that time before I was in fandom proper I had Very Strong Feelings about Han/Leia, Jareth/Sarah, and Usagi/Mamoru (or, well Serena/Darien, because lol dub).

First RPS/F OTP:
Daz/Dan tinhat forever.

First fannish friend I met in person:
I think probably Mandy, who I don't think even goes here anymore.

First character I formally roleplayed:
Viktor Krum in an LJ Harry Potter game. I think. Probably.
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Something about reading Tiger & Bunny fanfic gave me a sudden urge to go read some old-school hurt/comfort, so I busted out the Starsky & Hutch archives, and I mean, on one hand, feeeeelings, and exactly what I wanted to read right now, but on the other hand, I am so glad that fanfiction is more like what it is now than what it was then, I think. (Yes I am re-reading that ridiculous thing where Starsky goes undercover with ~~Satanists~~ and somehow Hutch is captured by them and there is some sort of bizarre Satanist fuck-or-die rape thing and it is so ridiculous and I do not care it is like it sprang fully formed from my id.)

In other news, I can't find any of my The Used CDs and this is the WORST THING EVER. EVER. OF ALL TIME. :(

ACTUALLY THAT IS A LIE. The worst thing OF ALL TIME today is this Tiger & Bunny AU thing with a vaguely interesting premise that was CHOCK FULL OF DOUCHEBAG SEME KOTETSU. I have not D:-ed so hard IRL in AT LEAST TWO DAYS. Why do you hate things that are wonderful and perfect just the way they are? WHY.
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And I cancelled my sub to SWTOR. :( I've got about 20 days left, so I may go back on at some point and try to finish getting to 50, but I just sort of... stopped playing. If it ever goes F2P or sub cost goes down significantly, I'll probably look into picking it up again, but I just wasn't getting $20/month of playtime out of it, what with WoW and trying to be semi-active in fandom proper again.

I've got some F2P games on my to-play list next, so expect some "omg let me tell you about this new game!!!!" shenanigans in the future. They're mostly grindy Korean things, so that'll be new and exciting. Hopefully with no MMO-platforming this time, though.
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I have been so so so all over the Tiger & Bunny anon meme lately.

1. Whoever was writing Objective finished and I love it so much. (It is a gen story where a villain with the NEXT power to give someone one objective they must carry out gives Kotetsu the objective to kill Barnaby. The rest of the heroes attempt to keep them separated until the situation can be fixed. It is sad and hilarious and has moments of A+ black comedy.)

2. I love how errant comments are frequently favored with Errant Sky High fic fills. It is my favorite Weird Thing This Meme Does.

3. I also love how it is the judgiest kinkmeme ever. Like, I am actually not kidding when I say that I love that, because I do. I appreciate anonymous judginess.

4. I can't stop looking at this prompt and thinking TheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFixTheFix. Because that is how I roll. I don't think that's what the OP is aiming for, though.

5. I may go through later and do a big Links To Ongoing WIPs thing as well, but laaaazy.

Edit: And in WoW news, I've been going back to do the Molten Front dailies on my mage to get the engineering patterns and getting hit on by druids is still hilarious.
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I am totally in love with some of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria proposed paladin talents/spells. By which I mean, in addition to the expected joys (omg Sacred Shield or AWESOME HoT thing? Holy Prism or Stay of Execution thing? MoP era Pursuit of Justice was fixed to not be horrible?) I am surprisingly excited about that new Hand spell. It's like HoSac but it doesn't make me explode. (Although wtf is with this "Hand spells still have 30 yd range when heals have 40yd range" thing.)

Mostly omg Boundless Conviction is gonna rule.

edit: Also, I spent way too long today working on gearing up my druid for no good reason. (Well, for the okay reason of taking her to LFR sometimes, I guess.) And now I'm leveling a hunter? I clearly give no fucks about standard hunter things, as can be seen from my lack of rare-skin tames and my tendency to let my cat continue to be named "Cat" and my turtle to be named "Turtle", etc. (I did actually look up pets on petopia though, and I'll eventually want to tame a ravager and a dragonhawk or wind serpent, I guess?)
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Dear Tiger & Bunny: Why must you give me so many ideas for fanfictions? Why.

Seriously, I have like. Four bunnies in my head right now, and the skill to actually write none of them. The worst is the Kotetsu/Barnaby romantic comedy thing that I want to write (because it needs to exist), but am finding I'm not really clever enough to make it appropriately lolzy. I should write more romantic comedies though. TBH, everyone needs to write more romantic comedies in fandom because they are the bestest. And I haven't written a romantic comedy since Idiot Plot, and clearly that must be remedied.
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Heroic Hagara lightning phase is the worst OF ALL TIME. ALL TIME.
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Was looking at Lunatic costume design. Noticed flares. Suddenly desired fanart re-imagining Tiger & Bunny characters in 1978-era American superhero comics. Fire Emblem and Blue Rose would both absolutely wear some sort of Mike-Grell-on-Legion-of-Super-Heroes* monstrosities. It is like the opposite of all those fics where Barnaby isn't a hero and is Edna Mode instead, where everyone wears costumes that are even less practical than what they're already wearing.

Am so rusty in re: writing that not even write-or-die on kamikaze mode is getting me past the "Why is my word document blank? :(" phase. Drastic measures may need to be taken. [edit: And the minute I whine about it in LJ I suddenly vomit up 500 words I don't hate and have a rough outline. This is like whining to guild chat about shitty drop rates to make drops happen.]

* For those of you who give fewer fucks about the Legion than I do, that would be the guy who put Cos in a corset and Saturn Girl in a bikini.
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Rescuing my old fic off FF.Net to move it to AO3 is an exciting adventure in What even is this formatting?

So much *emphasis*. And so much of my original formatting stripped out in the many website updates since I last looked at what I had uploaded there.

Edit: Further things I have learned is that I apparently love writing about dudes fighting until they accidentally fall on each other's dicks. Well, in the way that involves dryhumping, since apparently like 75% of what I write is dryhumping. HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING.
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Yor'sahj the Unsleeping -- DEAD ON HARD MODE! It took us most of the night to work out the kinks, and our disc priest and I are still a bit susceptible to RNG and run into trouble if we get the two red/yellow/black phases right in a row, but WE DID IT! [Protip: We conveniently have a bear tank who is both a leatherworker and an alchemist, so we got him all fitted out in stupid amounts of shadow resist which made keeping him alive much much easier than basically any other tank we could possibly use for the fight. So then it became just a matter of keeping the raid alive.]

Also solo healing the Kohcrom side on Heroic: Morchok is much easier with the 5% nerf. So that's nice!

I think our progression order for the next... however long is Hagara the Stormbinder > Ultraxion > Warlord Zon'ozz. (AFAICT if you can't do enough "Stand there and hit it" DPS to beat the enrage on Ultraxion, tentacles won't die fast enough on Zon'ozz which will make it unhealable anyway.)

WHICH BTW!!!! Our pet Australian GOT A REAL ACTUAL 9-5 JOB, so he can't raid with us anymore. So if you happen to be a melee DPS (preferably rogue or warrior) or a balance druid (since then we can move our boomkin to his rogue) on Earthen Ring-US Alliance side, and have mostly a buncha 384+valor gear, and want to come hang with us Tues/Thurs and sometimes Mon 8-11pm EST, let me know! I'll see if I can get you a trial. You do not have to leave your current guild to raid with us, although we will be happy to bring you in to the social guild many of us belong to if your toon needs a home. We provide feasts and cauldrons at all our raids.
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Finished all 25 episodes of Tiger & Bunny. (Which, btw, are all up on Hulu and you should watch them and then be like "Golly Ang, you are right, that was super awesome." If you are trying to watch it and a little put off by Fire Emblem, while his portrayal may never really hit 100% non-offensive for you, it does get much better as it goes along.)

IT WAS SO AWESOME. It is BASICALLY Starsky & Hutch, but with superheroes and made in Japan, and with an actual ensemble cast and better writing. Also, no hookersexuality at all. So not really like Starsky & Hutch at all, but WORK WITH ME HERE.

BUT BASICALLY it is so bizarre-slash-awesome watching an actually pretty well-done decon/recon of the American superhero mythos from a Japanese perspective. And it actually deals with some decent issues with the basic premise of superheroes while simultaneously mostly coming down on the idealistic side rather than the cynical side. (Basically, I would hate Lunatic if he were the protagonist, but because he's a minor antagonist/anti-villain and ♥Kotetsu♥ is the protagonist, I am actually like, 100% behind Lunatic's existence and inclusion in the storyline. I did think extremely vague spoilers ) but not so much I couldn't roll with it.)

I am also kind of surprised I am not more full of hearts for Barnaby, given that his storyline is also basically Ang-catnip, but I think I am out of hearts after ♥Kotetsu♥. Maybe. I mean, I like him and find him interesting! My heart just hasn't turned into a little splosion of love for him. THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY SPLOSIONS TO GO AROUND I GUESS.

ANYWAY, I kind of want to go looking for ♥Kotetsu♥/Barnaby fic, but I swear to god if the fanfic isn't long and involved H/C epics and is instead a lot of boring seme/uke bullshit I am going to CRY FOREVER. (I do not even know how you'd even start to seme/uke this nonsense, either. I think about it and sort of go cross-eyed in confusion.)

Would also read a billion gen stories about everything and all the other heroes. Especially Karina, who interests me deeply.
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So I just re-upped my paid time on Dreamwidth to get all my old icons back and the paid time went through right as I was deleting old icons I wasn't going to use and I LOST ALL MY KEYWORDS D:

Also, I'm about 8 episodes in to Tiger & Bunny and I wish I'd started watching it earlier. It is like Ang-catnip. &Kotetsu; [Please don't spoil me for anything ok? I know a little bit about what's coming, but not all of it and I AM OK WITH BEING SURPRISED.]

I GOT TO DPS ON HEROIC MAJORDOMO STAGHELM TONIGHT WHEN WE WENT BACK FOR OUR WEEKLY STAFF RUN. IT WAS AWESOME. (Being melee on that fight is hilarious good times. 50k dps? Yes plz. It's like how healing Zon'ozz/Ultraxion/Madness makes me feel all pro because I'm suddenly rocking 22k+ hps.)
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So Hutta is waaaay less boring and cartoony than Korriban. Yeah, the place with warring Hutts is less cartoony than Korriban. I think I might just prefer the military-esque storylines to the Jedi/Sith ones though.

(So far my impression of starting zones is like Ord Mantell > Tython = Hutta >>>>> Korriban. Ord Mantell is only the best because of the VOLCANIC UNDERGROUND LAIR you go into for the last questline on the planet. It is epic as fuck.)

Anyway, sort of boring pictures )
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Today I decided to suck it up and re-make that Imperial alt after all. So I made a Sith Inquisitor. General chat on the Sith starting planet was full of people talking about how boring the storylines are Repub side, and I'm sitting there the whole time, like, actually, I'm kind of finding Imp side sort of ... lol edgy try-hard. I mean, I'm not sure what I expected from storylines aimed at people who want to play bad guys, but I'm just bored. With the exception of two, all the dark side choices felt like they were just for the ev0lz.

I'm also not sure why my character, who is established in-game as an ex-slave is going to choose any DS option that is pro-slavery, or for the Sith's creepy fixation with blood purity.

On the plus side, she's cute? (Fuck yeah body type 4.) And her first companion is a cranky monstrosity she found sealed in a can in some ruins, which is pretty pro.

And some screencaps I keep meaning to share but don't:
* Yes, the guy with the holographic girlfriend (yes, she's a program) is the romance option for female Jedi Consulars. He also has the whiniest voice. I'm kind of tempted to roll a second Jedi Consular just to play romance option chicken with myself. I'm not sure I could handle it.

* This is the best mob classification ever.


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